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Raymond spent his time in the R.A.F. overseas, this lengthy memoir covers the period July 1943 until August 1946. He served in the Middle and Far East and Italy. He was an Engine Mechanic/Fitter and this is his story. The memoir has maps of his…

Certificate for Miss B Bailey for enrolment in the WAAF. On the reverse a typewritten list of personal items that she should bring with her when attending for draft.

Held at Headquarters Bomber Command, High Wycombe, United Thanksgiving Service on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain.


Image is of a coastal resort hotels lining the beach, mountains in background. Reverse, captioned 'Air mail, Ajaccio (Corse)'.

Detailed account of his travels around the Middle and Far East

Volume 4, number 5, May 1946, the final edition. The Journal contains information from the Air Ministry, stories from around the world and humour.

Programme produced by HQ Bomber Command, High Wycombe, Amateur Dramatic Society. as well as details of the production it also contains advertisements for local suppliers.

Pages extracted from the information booklets given to servicemen posted to these countries. They give general information about the countries, their political situation, local customs, weather.

1863228 LAC Barrett, R. Service and Release Book from RAF Kirkham. Serving in RAFVR from 11 November 1942 until 31 January 1947, as a Flight Mechanic Engines. Contains very brief details of his service.

Three men and two women, rural street scene in background, On the reverse, 'Jack, Joan, Freddie, Sylvia and Eddie'.

Group of six men and six women posed in front of brick wall, on the reverse, 'For Brenda, does Mr Vickers still make you swoon. All in fun Aubrey'.

Informal photograph, head and shoulders.

Group of six men and six women posed in front of brick wall, on reverse For Brrrrenda as Eddie would have it, Lots of luck Aubrey'.

Large group of servicemen and women posed inside building with small stage.

Posed on wet sea front wearing overcoats.

Formal course photograph, seventeen servicemen posed in garden. On the reverse '"Brightside" South Parade, 30 Squad, 23 Flight, H Squadron, 4 Wing, 11 R.C. Skegness, Lincs, Nov 16th 1942 to Jan 14th 1943, 2nd left front row, aged 18 yrs'.


Formal course photograph, four rows of WAAFs in rural setting.

Photograph shows coastline with breached sea wall, captioned 'WESTKAPELLE K3300, Dist 23B, 0017 106G3369.18 Oct .44 F/8".115 Degrees'. Reverse, captioned 'Oblique Westkapelle Netherlands'.

Formal squadron photograph, many servicemen posed in front of two Spitfires in a blast pen. Reverse captioned '242 Squadron Malta, June 1943, at Ta-Kali F/O Lindsay, F/O Chambers N2, S/l Boddington, Fl/Lt Dundas, F/O Grover Engineering Officer'.

Photograph of two small dogs, captioned '1945, My puppy [name unreadable], smuggled on Dakota, India, to [?] Rangoon, best fed pet in the R.A.F'.


The diary covers the period 29 July to 16 August 1946 on board S.S. Carthage, from Rangoon to the Bay of Biscay. The cover has the Royal Air Force crest. The inside front cover has the inscription 'To Ray from Mary'. Notebook is in poor condition and…

Deficiencies will be chargeable to 1863228 L.A.C. Barrett.

Slip of paper with notes '15.3.43 to [sic] Part 1 and 2, North Africa, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Corsica'

Poem about El Alamein. Two versions of first page, one (entitled 'The Battle of Egypt') with handwritten caption 'Written whilst sitting on seashore, near RAF St Athan, South Wales'. The other version of first page (titled changed to 'The Battle for…

Stamps in holder. Captioned 'Burma Postage stamps, issue under Japanese occupation, F 30 Kyats, (15) All different mint'.
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