Ray Barrett's record of service and postings



Ray Barrett's record of service and postings


Detailed account of his travels around the Middle and Far East


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[underlined] 1863228 – L.A.C. Barrett R.
[underlined] 1942 [/underlined]
Cardington, Bedfordshire (Reporting Centre) – 11th to 15 November
Skegness, Lincolnshire (Training) – 15th Nov to 14th Jan (1943)
[underlined] 1943 [/underlined]
St Athan, South Wales (Aircraft Engine Course) – 14th Jan to 26th May
Home (Embarkation Leave) – 26th May to 11th June
Morecambe, Lancashire (Drafting Centre) – 11th to 21st June
Heywood, Lancs (35 M.U.) – 21st June to 5th July
Morecambe (Drafting Centre) – 5th to 15th July
Gurrock, [sic] Scotland (At Anchor on Board, SS Volendam) – 15th to 19th July
At Sea (North Atlantic & Mediterranean) – 19th to 28th July
Fort-de-Lau, Algeria, North Africa (No. 1 Base Personnel Depot) – 28th July to 14th Sept
Hussan Dey (351 M.U) Algeria, North Africa – 14th Sept to 5th Nov
Fort-de-Lau, Algeria, North Africa – 5th to 23rd November
On lorry across Atlas Mountains
“ “ through Constantine to Army transit camp. Slept at Setif – 23rd Nov to 24th Nov
[underlined] Army Transit Camp [/underlined]
Phillipville, Algeria, North Africa
“ At Anchor on Board – 24th Nov to 5th Dec
SS Ville-de-Oran – 5th Dec to 6th Dec
Passed off Bizerta At Sea (Med) Island Panterilaria – 6th December
At Sea and in dock at Scyracuse, Sicily – 7th December
[page break]
- 2 -
[underlined] Transit Hotel [/underlined]
At Sea Taranto, Italy – 8th to 9th December
Joined 242 Squadron Taranto & at Anchor on S.S Neuralia – 9th December
At Sea in Med – 9th to 14th December
Transit Camp
Port Said, Egypt, Suez Canal Entrance – 14th to 15th December
Transit to Kabrit, Egypt after 60 mile road journey – 15th to 21st December
Palestine & Syria on train and cattle truck through Haifa, Beruit, [sic] Tripoli and Gaza – 21st Dec to 24th Dec
Affissi Airdrome North Syria Near Alleppo – 24th Dec 1943 to 14th Feb 1944
[underlined] 1944 [/underlined]
On Train Homes & Tripoli (Syria & Lebanon) – 15th February
Beruit [sic] & Haifa (Palestine) – 16th February
Transit Camp
Almaza (Egypt), Nr Cario [sic] – 17th Feb to 20th March
Transit Camp
Port Said after 90 mile train journey – 20th to 21st March
At Sea on S.S “Circassia” – 21st to 27th March
Augusta Bay (Sicily) changed ships – 27th to 28th March
At Sea on S.S. “Ville-de-Oran” – 28th to 30th March
Transit Camp
10 Miles South Ajjeccio (Corsica) – 30th March to 5th April
Across Mountains by [deleted] road [/deleted] [inserted] TRAIN [/inserted] to N.E Corsica – 5th April
[deleted] Auto [/deleted] [inserted] ALTO [/inserted] Airport N.E Corsica (10 miles South of Bastia) – 5th to 19th April
Poretta Airfield [inserted] [deleted] [indecipherable word] [/deleted] [/inserted] [inserted] (DORCIA) [/inserted] – 19th April to 11th July
Rest Leave
[page break]
- 3 -
Porto (West Corsica) by road (Rest Leave) – 21st June to 1st July
Calvi Airport N.W Corsica – 11th July to 23rd August
Calvi Beach (Staging Point) – 23rd to 25th August
At Sea on Tank Landing Craft – 25th August
Frajus Airfield (S. France) – 25th August to 6th Sept.
180 miles by road to:
Montilimar (S. France) – 6th to 22nd September
100 miles by road to:
La Volone Airfield 40 miles North of Marseilles – 22nd Sept to 1st Oct
Septumus, (Staging Post) 6 miles north of Marseilles – 1st to 5th October
[underlined] On Leave [/underlined]
Marseilles, S France, on Leave – recalled after 1 day. – 1st to 2nd October
Marseilles in dock on U.S LST 210 – 5th to 6th October
Marseilles anchored in Bay – 6th to 7th October
At Sea
Leghorn Bay (N. Italy) at anchor – 9th to 10th October
At Sea along Italian Coast passed Islands of Elba, Montechristo, Pianosa & Capri – 10th 11th October
Slept by roadside Naples (Cen. Italy) – 11th to 12th October
Transit Camp
Gragnano, Nr Pompei (Transit Camp) – 12th Oct to 5th Nov
Across Italy by train from Naples – 5th to 6th November
[page break]
- 4 -
Joined 267 Squadron
Barri Airport (S.E Italy) – 7th Nov to 6 Jan (194 [deleted] 4 [/deleted] [inserted] 5 [/inserted]
[underlined] Leave – 1945 [/underlined]
Hitch-hiked across Italy, 200 miles and hitched a further 300 miles to – 6th to 8th January
Rome during week – 8th to 10th January
Naples (leave) - 10th to 13th January
Flew back to Barri by Dakota – 13th January
Barri Airport (Italy) by air – 13th Jan to 2nd Feb
Landed Nr Tobruk in Lybia [sic] for dinner on – 2nd February
Cairo West Airport (Egypt) – 2nd to 5th February
Sheiba [sic] (Iraq) – 5th to 6th February
Over Persion [sic] Gulf and landed on Barrain [sic] Island off coast of Persia – 6th February
Karachi (India) Maripur Airport – 6th to 7th February
Bilaspar (Central India) – 7th to 22nd February
Imphal (N.E India) – 22nd February to 23rd March
Maunubyn Airfield (Akyab Island, Cen Burma) – 23rd March to 13th May
Akyab Main Airfield (Cen Burma) – 13th May to 23rd August
Mingladon Airfield (S. Burma) 13 miles N.E of Rangoon – 23rd August [inserted] 1945 [/inserted] to 20th July 1946
[underlined] Leave [/underlined]
Pegu, (Burma), Pennang (Malaya) & Singapore Island – 8th to 10th November 1945
Leave in
Calcutta (India) (Bengal) – 2nd to 6th January 1946
Rangoon Transit Camp 27 PTC – 20th July to 29th July
At Sea – 29th July to 19th August
[page break]
- 5 -
Across Indian ocean and refuelled at Colombo (Ceylon).
2nd August across Sea of Arabia and through Gulf of Aden into Red Sea. Refuelled again Port Suez on 10th August. Through Canal next day and out into Med. Out into Atlantic after passing Gibraltar in the morning of 16th August. Entered Bay of Biscay the following evening and entered English Channel on the evening of the 19th August 1946.



Raymond Barrett, “Ray Barrett's record of service and postings,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22470.

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