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Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 17/18 November 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined in blue. Includes standby crew, reserve crew, duty crew and communications crew as well as other duty personnel. Page is struck through…

Observers and air gunners flying log book for Wiliam George Briley, covering the period from 2 December 1943 to 24 November 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and communication flight duties. He was stationed at, East London, RAF…

Vertical aerial photograph of Udine main aerodrome, taken during bombing operations. No detail is visible on the photograph due to anti-aircraft fire. It is captioned '2483 37/323 17/18 Nov 44. F8"//NT. 7500' -->345° 2059. UDINE MAIN A/D W. 9x500lbs…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during the bombing of Ficarolo pontoon bridge. Some of the image is obscured by anti-aircraft fire. It is captioned '2466 37/322. 16/17 Nov. 44. F8//NT. 9000' --> 315°. 20.02 FICAROLO PONTOON BR. H. 1 x 4000. Mk…

Airgraph from Flight Sergeant Jim Cahir to his mother and brothers. He writes that he has received a parcel from them, about other correspondence sent and received, social activities, going to Mass on Armistice Day and hoping his mother has been…

Writes they had now concluded that his son had lost his life and his death had been presumed to have occurred on 29 January 1944.

A navigation log prepared by Ted Neale

A navigation log prepared by Ted Neale

Writes that she has obtained some photographs of daughter which she hopes will reach him before Christmas.

Handwritten note with brief details of the operation. Two newspaper cuttings, one describing the operation titled 'RAF blast way for the army' and a map showing the area of operations.

Internal working slip for Good Conduct Badge when Frank was Flight Sergeant on 75 Squadron .
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