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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-02-15"

Describes his flying with his instructor and then final test with C.F.I. where he went to pieces. Now recommended for training as observer and awaiting posting. States he is interested in job and does not mind. He writes he is upset that mother will…

R Stubbs writes from RAF Scampton to Reg Woolgar's father detailing the circumstances of his being reported as missing.

Letter from RAF Gosport regarding Sergeant Reg Woolgar being rescued from the sea and requiring new kit. On reverse, address of an office in London.

Telegram to Sergeant Reg Woolgar’s father informing that he was reported as missing.

R Stubbs writes from RAF Scampton to Mr Woolgar informing him that his son has been rescued and is at the Royal Naval Hospital in Portsmouth. He advises that he will be granted leave after he has returned to the squadron.
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