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Green card 'Dulag Luft, First POW letter, 10 Nov 41'.

First letter as prisoner of war. Says he is well and that he would number letters. Suggests she should make sure from Red Cross what she might send him. Asks for photographs with letters. Requests: towels, soap and toothbrushes in first parcel and…

Reports that son Pilot Officer D A Baker was missing as a result of air operations. Mentions he was captain of aircraft detailed to attack shipping but cause of failure to return was not known. Provides hopeful information for future, mentions that…

Describes sowing and getting fire going. Asks about his weather and describes their own. Mentions letter from friend concerned about him. Passes on best wishes from a relative who is planning to send him books. Lists letters received from him.…

No letter for a month but glad cables had still been exchanged successfully. Also glad that the two photographs had made it through OK. Described recent activities and weather. Describes different bus routes to Burnley. Mentions father filling in…

Writes of letters received as well as photographs enclosed. mentions going to cinema to see 'Target for tonight'. Comments on autumn weather at home and cooler temperatures for him. Continues with chat and gossip as well as some description of house…

Hopes he got back into camp safely and that he caught all his trains okay. Mentions it was raining but it was lovely to have him home for 24 hours. Illustration of fisherman at top and palm trees at bottom.

Approval of the appointment of Miss K R Croft to the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in the rank of Section Officer.

Delighted cable thirtieth eagerly await letters non for seven weeks. Prestwick anniversary today, all love.
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