Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


No letter for a month but glad cables had still been exchanged successfully. Also glad that the two photographs had made it through OK. Described recent activities and weather. Describes different bus routes to Burnley. Mentions father filling in income tax forms and continues with description of recent weather. Writes of receiving other correspondence and passes on news. Asks after the baby jackal and goings on in camp. mentions neighbour giving them greens and scarcity of milk.




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Prisoners of War Post
[inserted] 76 [/inserted] [inserted] 19 OCT 41 [/inserted]
[air mail stamp]
[4 postage stamps]
[inserted] CONTROLÉ [/inserted]
755052 Sgt. J. D. Hudson
Interned British Airman
Camp Militaire
Afrique du Nord.

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Mrs Hudson
191 Halifax [obscured word]
[underlined] Lancs. [/underlined]
[obscured word]


[inserted] ink stamp [/inserted]

[inserted] 10-10-41 [/inserted]

[inserted] OPENED BY [/inserted]

[inserted] CONTROLÉ [/inserted]

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191 Halifax Road
Nelson [underlined] Lancs. [/underlined]
Sunday. Oct 19th/41

My dear Douglas.

It is now over a month since we had a letter from you. & we are thankful indeed that the cables which we are privileged to exchange form such a relief.

Your last letter received Aug. 28th. made a very quick journey. The other 2 August letters 2nd & 8th, were the only ones written in that month to get here. What a blessing the two snaps came through all right. It is a great joy to us to have the happy smiles of you & your friends.

Yesterday we enjoyed having Miss Law with us for a few hours. She is really very sweet & her stay with us was all too short. She arrived in a terrific deluge of rain & hail. I went to the bus to meet her & found the motor cycling outfit of happier days most effective protection against the weather.

We have 3 different bus routes from here to Burnley. One of them enables us to get on a bus just outside the gate & by changing buses at Hanle Syke ride practically to Miss Law’s house. & that was the way she returned home owing to the rapidly shortening day light with it’s
[page break

consequent early blackout. Dad is just busy filling in income tax forms. Do you know that income tax is now 10/- in the pound.? It is a very heavy drain. Well love, this morning is very dreary again with driving rain & wind, & our pretty “lake” has real waves beating on the sides. Although the weather has been so bad these few days, we don’t notice it the same from this house with its wide, open view & during these stormy days we get some very marvellous effects from light & shade.

I had a happy letter from Dorothy Preston (Pell) who is now living with her (2nd Lieutenant) husband near London. She says they are coming to her home for a few days very soon & would like to come to see us. I shall look forward to their visit & as Dorothy says we are all looking forward to the happy day when all the young people can meet again. Won’t there be some interesting stories to tell & hear?

How is the baby jackal.? No longer a baby now I suppose.! Is it still with you in camp & do it & the puppy still fraternize.?

My neighbour has just tapped on the window with fresh greens from her garden – a kind gesture which we do appreciate & which we are able to reciprocate with milk. Owing to control schemes, even in this agricultural area there is an acute shortage of milk & as you know I have usually a good supply. Now love I must say Goodbye to you once again & start my culinary duties. What joy when you are home again to share the results of my labours. Mean while all our love & thoughts & prayers
from Mother & Dad.

755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Aumale Algerie
Afrique du Nord.



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