Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Describes sowing and getting fire going. Asks about his weather and describes their own. Mentions letter from friend concerned about him. Passes on best wishes from a relative who is planning to send him books. Lists letters received from him. Describes walk in local area. Catches up with news of friends and concludes with more on the weather.




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[inserted] 73 [/inserted]

[inserted] 10.11.41 [/inserted]

191 Halifax Road

Nelson Lancs.


Thursday Oct. 8th/41

My dear Douglas.

I have been so busy sewing this evening & it is so warm that I didn’t notice the fire dying out & now I’ve been trying to coax it into blaze. In the old days no doubt I should have stuck a dozen or so matches in amongst the dying embers but not so today for matches are very precious indeed & Dad’s petrol lighter & the pilot light on my gas oven have both to work overtime. Now I’m wondering if you still have warm weather - at any rate it will not be so trying & difficult to bear as in the July & August days & if you have facilities for making a fire when the cool days of winter arrive. Strange how people worry about you in the heat of Africa. A letter from Miss Law a few days ago (the first we’ve had since we left [one indecipherable word]) expressed concern for you & did hope you did not suffer unduly. Auntie Lizzie wrote from Dewsbury & asked me to specially send to you love & best wishes for a speedy & safe return & also 5/-. I am going to try to send you one or two books if possible & will use the money with [inserted] on in [/inserted] the fund for the purpose. It is a very great relief that we have the cables as the letters

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are not coming through very well. August letters to date 2nd 8th with photos, & one nearly a fortnight ago dated 28th. & I’m afraid I should become very anxious if we [deleted] d [/deleted] could not exchange messages by cable. As I’ve previously told you it is always a very great joy & comfort to have your cabled messages. We are enjoying remarkable Autumn weather & today I walked through one of the pretty national parks here & had the unusual experience of walking amongst falling leaves - leaves of all shades & shapes - & the effect was almost enchanting - a very different world from the streets with rows & rows of houses & factories. Grandad was very interested in the long straight streets here he had not seen anything like them before. Yesterday I went to Cornholme to visit Mrs Banks & found very little change after very many years. So very many land - marks stirred memories - as ever - grave & gay. Mrs Banks is coming here for the day next Tuesday. She is just the same as ever - very sweet & kindly & I shall enjoy having her to visit me. Well love I will say Goodnight now as it is getting late & I have little interesting news for you. We had fog yesterday evening but rain cleared it all away before we [inserted] were [/inserted] up this morning. Winter seems to be coming along rapidly with black-out time from 7pm to 7am & how we dread it!! Dad will be out again tomorrow night. The weeks seem to pass very quickly I only wish it was the same for you. With all our thoughts & love from Mother & Dad.

755052 Sgt. Hudson

Camp Militaire


Afrique du Nord.



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