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Received letter and forwarded to parents.

Writes thoughts of the past and shortest days of the year. Mentions trip to library to find out more about El Kef. Continues with news of activities and upcoming Christmas. Worried that he has not had any news of them for four months. Comments on…

Writes about others who have written to him. Mentions letter from Red Cross with his correct address. Looked up El Kef in library. Red Cross had been very kind to help them keep in touch. Investigating whether he can receive newspapers which the post…

Glad to receive his second letter, three weeks after the first. Thankful that he has agreeable company and kind treatment. Mentions current weather. Continues to describe activities. Postmaster general broadcast appeal to post early for Christmas.…

Writes how she is looking forward to joining him in Aberystwyth and that she is working hard to get things ready. Mentions her activities and catches up with local news. Says all clear has gone a couple of times before midnight and discusses night…


Writes it is end of first day of new exhausting schedule. Wishes she was already there and safe from bombing. Suggest she comes 31 January or 1 February if not sooner. Mentions shopping in Woolworth and arrangements to pay inland revenue. Hopes she…
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