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Pilots flying log book for E C Stewart, covering the period from 2 July 1940 to 25 November 1944. Detailing his flying training, instructor duties and operation flown. He was stationed at RAF Sywell, RAF Cranwell, RAF Ansty, RAF Walsgrave, RAF…

Keith was five at the start of the war and lived in a farm adjoining the airfield at RAF Skellingthorpe. He describes the airfield and how the trees were cut down in the farm belt. The airfield was closed soon after the war, bought by the City…

Jan Albone grew up on a farm in Lincolnshire and discusses her life during and after the war.

A head and shoulders portrait of Joyce Bell (nee Langdon) in uniform.
On the reverse '27/12/1921 -22/02/2021
Joyce Langdon 18 yrs
Joined RAF 1940 1942'.

Three men standing in line in front of a tree. On the left, Oscar Jensen wearing tunic and side cap, then his father Einar in civilian clothes and on the right his brother Sven wearing battledress. Submitted with caption 'Oscar Jenson (left) with his…

Pilots flying log book one for L V Rosser, covering the period from 4 March 1939 to 19 July 1943. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Kidlington, RAF Woodley, RAF Grantham, RAF Kinloss, RAF…

A short history of 106 Squadron. Covers formation in world war one. Reformed in 1938 with Hinds and Battles. Equipped with Hampden at beginning of the war. Initially a advanced training unit. Became operational in September 1940. Describes early…

J Flint’s Flying Log Book covering the period 30 August 1938 to 16 February 1944.
Detailing his flying training and operations flown as pilot. He was stationed at RAF Tollerton (27 E&RFTS), RAF Hanworth (5 EFTS), RAF Yatesbury (10 EFTS), RAF Brize…

Wireless Operator/Air Gunner’s log book for H C Rouse covering the period from 11 October, 1940 to 16 December, 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown, also includes Gunnery Course results, mine laying operations, bomb loads, a…

Fred standing with his parents in their garden. Information supplied with the collection states 'Fred, with Bill and Ivy (parents) Backgarden at Pendeen 1940'.

Title '1940'.
Top left a note '1438901 Gilll K, u/t pilot, aircrew selection, block 3, room 2, Leuchars, Fife, Scotland'.
Top middle - a group of men and women wearing civilian clothes standing in the doorway of a house.
Top right - three men and…

Head and shoulders portrait of a young man wearing civilian jacket and tie. On the reverse '1940'

Gunther Rall was raised in Stuttgart and enjoyed outdoor and sporting activities as a youngster and he was also a Boy Scout. He became a cadet in the army, and joined the 13th Infantry Regiment. He met a friend in the air force, and decided it was…

The four airmen are playing with a small dog. Information supplied with the collection states '1940 March-April 114 Sqdn Detachment to Perpignan 2'.

Bill and a dog. Information supplied with the collection states '1940 March-April 114 Sqdn Detachment to Perpignan 1'.

Lech Gierak was born in Poland and after the death of his father made his way to England and joined the Polish Air Force. He worked as an armourer on a number of stations and after the war moved to Stoke on Trent to become a miner. Lech talks about…

Brian Llewellyn was a member of the Air Training Corps during the war and spent time with the RAF as well as the Polish Air Force. He talks about his time in Lincolnshire, including various stations he visited and his first flight. Brian had many…

Sidney and Una both experienced the effect of the war in Sheffield as a child. When Dunkirk survivors arrived at the nearby Reception Centre Sidney collected many souvenirs such as cap badges and his aunt also took two soldiers in to her home while…

Top left - view of a band in front of large parade of airmen. Flag pole on left and buildings in the distance. Captioned 'Band on church parade'.
Top right - parade marching with airman in foreground and building on left. Captioned 'Marching to…


Top left - three airmen wearing tunics standing on grass with trees either side. Captioned 'Cranwell 1940'.
Bottom left - a group of airmen wearing tunics sitting and standing by a brick building. Captioned Cranwell 1937'.
Right - portrait of eight…

Top - an airman wearing tunic with side cap stands alongside a boy in shorts and a man wearing civilian jacket and tie. In the background houses. Captioned 1940.
A missing photograph was captioned 'Myself 1938'.
Bottom left - a man and a woman…

Top left - huts on a hill with trees. Captioned 'Takoradi RAF camp in early days 1940'.
Top right - view up at airborne aircraft with trees at bottom. Captioned 'Bombay coming in at sunset'.
Bottom left - fishing boats and huts. captioned 'Fishing…

Kenneth Souter was born in Sunderland. His father ran a business importing wooden pit props. Kenneth learned to fly at Cambridge, and his first air experience flight was on the 5th of July 1939, and after training he went solo on the 31st of July…

Day by day description of activities for 1940. Mentions sport, air battles and air raids, war news, weather, social life, RAF and navy operations. going to cadets, films seen, Morse and navigation lessons, battle of France, playing football and…
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