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Eleanor Lettice Curtis’ civilian Pilot’s Log Book from 16th June 1937 until 19th October 1940. Lettice started flying training with Yapton Aero Club at Ford Airfield. After qualifying she was involved in aerial photography. In summer 1939 she…

A head and shoulders portrait of the two with a pier and Blackpool Tower in the background. The airman has a Poland shoulder badge. On the reverse '1940'.


A head and shoulders portrait of the three at the seaside. On the right is Józef with a Polish crest on his hat. On the reverse '1940'.


A head and shoulders portrait of two men. Josef is on the right. On the reverse '1940'.


The six are sitting on the railings of the esplanade at Blackpool. On the reverse '1940'.


James Burt conducted his medical training St Andrew’s University in Scotland. Although he and his friends had tried to join a Service during the war their training was a Reserved Occupation and not only were they refused but they were strictly told…

Seven photographs on a page.
#1, 2 and 6 are the funeral at Newark.
#1 is annotated 'Funeral at Newark (Ella & Reg 2nd and 3rd from right)'.
#3 is Józef and Ella standing in the back garden of 12 Browning Road Coventry and is annotated.
#4 is…

Looking through the struts of an aircraft at a Dominie in flight. On the reverse, 'Flying out to France 1940'.


Aerial view of a coastline, beach and town with fields beyond. The aircraft struts, propeller and part of the fuselage can be seen from the aircraft. On the reverse, 'French coast at Caen during summer 1940'.

Handley Page Harrow on the grass. On the reverse 'Troop carrying to France 1940'.


Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Pilot Officer Bob Butler covering 22 September 1940 to 23 September 1942 detailing training flights, air tests and operations.
Served at RAF Jurby, RAF Bassingbourn, RAF Newmarket, RAF Waterbeach, RAF…

Bill Bilton served as Motorboat Crew in the Mediterranean.

Annotated, 'Showing ops by Bob and his crew 1940-41'.

Left page: top left, a report of a gorse fire on Harpenden Common. Centre, seagull in flight, annotated 'original photograph taken by Bob'.Top right, weather report; middle, attendees at a police dance, annotated 'Geoff Shaw was in the same squadron…

Bertie Salvage joined the RAF in 1939 as an apprentice and initially began his technical training at RAF Cranwell before training was transferred to RAF Halton and also shortened because of the start of the Second World War. Bertie was present when…

Ernie Groeger volunteered for the RAF in 1940 while working at a textile firm. He undertook training to be an armourer and was posted to 97 Squadron at RAF Woodhall Spa. Over time he developed ill health and he was discharged from the RAF on health…

Les Rutherford was called up for the Army just short of his twenty first birthday. He was in France at the time of Dunkirk and made it to the beach of St Valery where they were under constant bombardment. He and another soldier found a door and…

Wilf Keyte joined the RAF in 1937 and was based with maintenance units. He was posted to Scampton and Henlow where he worked with the Queen Bee missile unit. He was then posted in charge of stores to the Orkneys and then RAF Swinderby. Wilf was then…

Contains notes about work, cadets and Local Defence Volunteers, the weather and films seen.

Conversation recorded for the Nanton Lancaster Society.
Hamish Mahaddie, the recruiter for the Pathfinder Force recalls the life of Ian Willoughby Bazalgette VC who plagued him weekly for the opportunity to join the Pathfinders. He had been posted…

RAF Form 1306, A detailed list of RAF trades and their conditions, pay and allowances.

The letter tells him to report to the Recruiting Centre,

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