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Leonard William Fairbanks' log book covering two tours from 3 January 1941 to 15 April 1945, detailing his training schedule and operations flown. Training was undertaken at Air Gunnery School at RAF Stormy Down, 25 OTU RAF Finningley, 25 OTU RAF…

A list of aircraft and crew for an operation to Wurzburg.

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Wurzburg. No detail visible on the ground.
It is captioned '4724 Skell. 16/17.3.45//NT/(C). 8". 10000 004° 2138 Wurzburg. T. 1HC4000IN.18x4. 19 secs F/L Drinkell.T.50'.
On the reverse 'F/Lt…
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