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At the back a map showing targets for operations in the Ruhr and rest of Germany as well as France and north Italy. There are two indications for German night fighters damaged and shot down. At the top a newspaper cutting headlined 'Huge explosion in…

Three brothers in mae wests. Arthur, David and Gavin Mark walk under the nose of a Lancaster J. Captioned 'Elshams famous Brothers'.

Newspaper article about the Bomber Command reunion dinner in April 1980, featuring a photograph of Sir Arthur Harris and Dame Vera Lynn.

Article about airmen who failed to return to Elsham Wolds.

States that Herbert O’Hara was missing following an operation against Mailly-Le-Camp on 3/4 May 1944, and informing her that efforts were being made to ascertain his condition through the International Red Cross.

81 cadets, officers and NCOs arranged in six rows. The caption identifies each airman.

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Details of Reg Jaques wedding to Gwendolen Betty Stokes at Gnosall methodist church.

First article attributed to Manchester Guardian, 18 October 1945, covers trial of five members of crew of U852 who were involved in firing on the survivors of a Greek ship Peleus. The second (non attributed) states that three officers were sentenced…

German propaganda leaflet directed at American soldiers. How many of their wives and sweethearts will be waiting in vain for them to return?


Left page.

Top left - three women and a man sitting in garden chairs. In the foreground a table and in the background a house. Captioned 'Engagement tea party'.

Top right - engagement announcement.

Middle - a man in white shirt and shorts…

A group of airmen sitting in uniform outside a brick building in the sunshine. Most are seated, two are standing . On the reverse it is captioned '"The Boys" working during the hot weather'. There is a list of the airmen.

A group of 15 airmen in RAF Police uniform arranged in three rows. At the front is a board with Class 376 "A". On the reverse is '376 'A' B----- Snoops Course, Weeton' and 15 names, signatures and their exam results.

Includes a route, zero hour, method including target marking, Window and other notes. Notes that target marking will be done by Mosquito and that they will also be attacking Hanover and Essen with red target indicators and bombs.

Contains lists of promotions, movements and movement corrections for airmen on 44 Squadron.

Billy Strachan, Lancaster pilot, is standing by the nose of a Lancaster 'F'. Caption mentions his interest in ethnic minorities who flew in Bomber Command.

Signal from 5 Group to all 5 Group Stations stating standby for operations on 20 January. Details A and B bomb loads with preselection settings. On the reverse 'Bombing Leader from Int'.

Lists names and addresses for seven named crew who went missing night 4/5 October 1944

Notes on attack of unnamed target. Notes 'Spits 11 Gp'. Stress own forward troops - accuracy of bombing. Covers marking and specific bombing instructions. Warns that crews are not to release unless they can see markers or positively identify target…

Shows two bomb loads one for a single aircraft the other for twelve. Bomb loads include AMN44 and AMN65. Details distributor and preselection settings. Includes times and bombing height. Page is struck through and annotated 'Scrubbed'. On the reverse…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 23/24 July 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined. Includes duty presonnel.

Shows two bomb loads for operation, one for six aircraft the other for seven. Details distributor, preselection and false height settings as well as Window, timing, bombing heights and wave H+ times for four waves. On the reverse Pathfinder marking,…

Shows three bomb loads for twelve, one and two aircraft respectively. Details distributor, preselection and false height settings as well as other information. Includes Window, effort level, bombing heights and H+ times for waves one, two and three.…

Shows two bomb loads for seven and eleven aircraft respectively. Details distributor, preselection and false height settings. Annotated 'AMN65, ANM 59'. Includes take of and time ion target as well as H= times for six waves. On the reverse notes that…

Shows two bomb loads for operation. Details distributor, preselection and false height settings as well as other details including Window and timings. Page is struck through and annotated cancelled. On the reverse Oboe marking method and bombing…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 9 July 1944. The fourth member of each crew is underlined. Three crews have aircraft change with new ones annotated alongside.
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