44 Squadron Personnel Occurrence Reports - Airmen RAF



44 Squadron Personnel Occurrence Reports - Airmen RAF


Contains lists of promotions, movements and movement corrections for airmen on 44 Squadron.


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One-page typewritten document




Temporal Coverage


No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron RAF. Serial No. RAF 13 (Part I)
Page No. 1
Date. 20.2.45.
[underlined] No 5 Group [/underlined]
[underlined] PERSONNEL OCCURRENCE REPORTS – AIRMEN R.A.F. [/underlined]
[underlined] Number Rank Trade & Gp. Name Nature of occurrence date of effect & Authy
[underlined] PART - I [/underlined]
[underlined] “A” PROMOTIONS AND REGRADINGS [/underlined]
1. 2206584 Sgt WOP(Air) II CASTLE I. 24.10.44.
1310722 Sgt WOP(Air) II WOODWARD F. 18.1.45.
2206547 Sgt WOP(Air) II WOOD J.D. 24.11.44.
1606911 Sgt WOP(Air) II NASH B.A. 24.10.44.
1816436 Sgt WOP(Air) II SEABRIDGE H. 14.1.45.
2202843 Sgt WOP(Air) II SILSON R.C. 1.1.45.
2204615 Sgt WOP(Air) II NELSON R.J. 10.2.45.
1602282 Sgt WOP(Air) II BURROUGHS T. 4.1.45.
1546201 Sgt WOP(Air) II ROBERTS N.B. 10.2.45.
1821642 Sgt WOP(Air) II DOGGART T.W. 10.2.45.
2206701 Sgt WOP(Air) II KIRBY S. 29.10.44.

Regarded WOP(Air) Grade I with special Qualifications w.e.f. dated stated. Auth:
Form 167 & O.C. Unit.

[underlined] “H” MOVEMENTS [/underlined]
2. 1396900 F/Sgt Pilot MORGANS P.W.
1869994 Sgt F/Engineer SOWERBUTTS R.P.S.
777620 W/O Navigator DAYTON C.H.
1853348 Sgt WOP(Air) II BROOKS P,
2221039 Sgt ACH/AG 5 GRAHAM I.
1897297 Sgt ACH/AG 5 BARNES E.E.

Posted from No 75 Base. w.e.f.
12.2.45. TORS 13.2.45. Auth:
7 Group P/N 7G/1305/45 d/d

3. 1811008 Sgt F/Engineer COOK O.G.
1433710 F/S Navigator LEE W.O.
1622783 F/S Air/Bomber ROGERS J.G.
2206743 Sgt WOP(Air) II LEAR A.
1233624 F/S ACH/AG 5 LAWS M.D.
1812636 F/S ACH/AG 5 BURN H.

Posted from No 75 Base w.e.f.
16.2.45. TORS 17.2.45. Auth: 7
Group P/N 7G/1428/45 d/d

[underlined] “H” MOVEMENTS (Corrections.) [/underlined]
4. 1803447 Sgt Air/Bomber JUDGE R.B.

Ref. P.O.R. Serial No8 d/d 2.2.45.
Entry No 1 amend rank in respect of m/n airman to read F/SGT.

5. 55135 F/S Wop(Air) OLIPHANT J.H.

Ref P.O.R. S/N 3 d/d 11.1.45.
Entry No 3. Auth: now A.M. P/N DGP/BC/2230/45 d/d 12.2.45.

6. 1051670 F/S ACH/AG 5 PYPER D.J.

Ref P.O.R. S/N 3 d/d 11.1.45.
Entry No 3 Auth: now A.M. P/N DGP/BC/2239/45 d/d 13.2.45.

7. 1317663 F/S Wop(Air) MERIDITH J.

Ref P.O.R. S/N 3 d/d 11.1.45.
Entry No 3 Auth: now A.M. P/N DGP/BC/2240/45 d/d 23.2.45

8. 1810018 W/O ACH/AG 5 ARNOLD S.J.

Ref P.O.R. S/N 3 d/d 11.1.45.
Entry No 3 Auth: now A.M. P/N DGP/BC/2231/45 d/d 12.2.45.

9. 1369530 F/S ACH/AG 5 COUTTS J.

Ref P.O.R. S/N 3 d/d 11.1.45.
Entry No 3 Auth: now A.M. P/N DGP/BC/2241/45 d/d 13.2.45.

10. 1324467 F/S WOP(Air) CODRAI A.W.

Ref P.O.R. Serial No 6 d/d
22.1.45. Entry No 3. Auth: now A.M. P/N DGP/BC/2250/45 d/d 14.2.45.

[underlined] “I” DISCHARGES. [/underlined]
11. 778098 F/S Air Bomber FOX M.R.

Discharged from the R.A.F.V.R. on appointment to commissioned rank in the GD Branch of the R.A.F.V.R. under para 652(14) of KR & ACI w.e.f. 2.1.45. Auth: A.M. Letter A.R.I:(d)/A.759319/45 d/d 12.2.45. SORS Sgts Mess 18.2.45.

[underlined] No 44(Rhodesia) SQUADRON. [/underlined]


E O Collcutt and Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “44 Squadron Personnel Occurrence Reports - Airmen RAF ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 26, 2020, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7251.

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