Bomb aimers briefing 10 July 1944 - St Philbert Ferme



Bomb aimers briefing 10 July 1944 - St Philbert Ferme


Shows two bomb loads for operation. Details distributor, preselection and false height settings as well as other details including Window and timings. Page is struck through and annotated cancelled. On the reverse Oboe marking method and bombing instructions. Mentions 12 Squadron fighters escorting and shows route. Notes no defences at target. At the bottom list of aircraft letters and heights. At the bottom right warning notes. Page is struck through with 'Cancelled' in large letters.



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Two sides front form document partially filled in on the reverse handwritten


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[Table of Bomb Loads and Preselect]

[Table of Aircraft Height]

BOMBING HEIGHTS. 13-16 thou BOMBING [deleted] HEADING. [/deleted] TRACK 1400T

[underlined] WAVE 1. WAVE2. WAVE 3. WAVE 4. WAVE 5. [/underlined]

COLOUR [undecipherable]

[undecipherable] W S & D. 280/45

[page break]

ONE WAVE H-H+3 [underlined]Distance 540 miles [/underlined]
[underlined] Method [/underlined] Height Band 13,000’ – 16,000’
Oboe cascading 4000’ on A.P
Red H-3 to H-1 Yellow from H-1 onwards
At the A.P. crews are to make every effort to
[deleted] Aim at M P I [/deleted] A Master Bomber [deleted] will [/deleted]
bomb visually Using[sic] markers as a guide
[deleted] Give aiming instructions. [/deleted]
If unable to identify visually aim at MPI of Markers
[underlined] TRACK 1400T [/underlined] Drift from Navigaton[sic] in
If markering obscured bomb on GE[missing]
Winds at H-5 fully corrected for B/S
12 Squadrons fighters escort at French coast on route to target

Route BASE – N. Foreland (A) – 50053’ x 01036’E (D) – TGT(50020’N x 00020’40’’E) – 50030’ x 02002’E (E) – 50020’N x 00020’W (F) – 51025’ x 01005’W (G) – BASE
Defences at target Nil.

[list of lettered heights]

[boxed] Remind A/B’s re action with L.D. bombs when landed away [/boxed]

DO [underlined] NOT [/underlined] use ON & OFF Switch until just prior to removing film magazine
Cancelled [Inserted diagonally across lower half of page]


“Bomb aimers briefing 10 July 1944 - St Philbert Ferme ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024,

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