Sir Arthur Harris and Dame Vera Lynn



Sir Arthur Harris and Dame Vera Lynn


Newspaper article about the Bomber Command reunion dinner in April 1980, featuring a photograph of Sir Arthur Harris and Dame Vera Lynn.



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Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris, 88, meeting “Forces Sweetheart” Dame Vera Lynn during the last London reunion dinner for members of Bomber Command.

Bomber Command
Marshall of the RAF Sir Arthur Harris was chief guest and principle speaker at the reunion dinner of Bomber Command held at Grosvenor House on Saturday. The toast to Sir Arthur, C.-in-C. Bomber Command 1942-45, was proposed by the Chairman, Air Marshall Sir Harold Martin, and a presentation made by Air Vice-Marshal D.C.T. Bennett, Pathfinder Force. Mr. Winston Churchill, PM, proposed the toast to the RAF and Air Chief Marshall Sir Michael Beetham replied. Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Constantine proposed the toast to the USAF. represented by Gen. John Pauly, Gen. Hunter Harris and Lt-Gen. Haywood Hansell, who responded, Air Chief Marshals Sir Lewis Hodges, Sir Douglas Lowe, Sir Thomas Prickett and Sir Augustus Walker, Air Marshals Sir John Whitley and J. Curtiss, Dame Vera Lynn and the widows of VC holders, Wing Commander Guy Gibson and Squadron Leader John Nettleton, were present.


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