Operations with 102 Squadron Pocklington and 10 OTU detachment, St Eval



Operations with 102 Squadron Pocklington and 10 OTU detachment, St Eval


At the back a map showing targets for operations in the Ruhr and rest of Germany as well as France and north Italy. There are two indications for German night fighters damaged and shot down. At the top a newspaper cutting headlined 'Huge explosion in chemical town - Wuppertal get 1500 tons of bombs'. Over the top a further cutting headlined 'Hawes man wins DFM' and provides account of Flight Sergeant Sayer's actions in winning the Distinguished Flying Medal and a further congratulatory newspaper cutting. In the centre left a newspaper cutting concerning Wing Commander H R Coventry with some of his targets. To the right a photograph of seven aircrew, three sitting and four standing behind. At the bottom a photograph of a Halifax with many personnel standing in front and hangars in the background. On the reverse 'Operations with 102 Squadron, Pocklington and 10 OTU (detachment) St Eval'.


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One page map, four newspaper cuttings and two b/w photographs


PSayerT16010006, PSayerT16010007, PSayerT16010008, PSayerT16010009



“Operations with 102 Squadron Pocklington and 10 OTU detachment, St Eval,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 31, 2020, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/2423.

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