Bombing method



Bombing method


Includes a route, zero hour, method including target marking, Window and other notes. Notes that target marking will be done by Mosquito and that they will also be attacking Hanover and Essen with red target indicators and bombs.



One page handwritten document


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[underlined] Route [/underlined] Base – A. 5340 x 0420. – B 5215 x 0630 – Target – C 5216 x 0828 – D 5240 x 0820 – A – Base

Zero Hour. 2345.

[underlined] Wave. 1 [/underlined]
2345-48 48-51 51-54 54-57
JXY H.K.R. T.L.Q. P.U.S.O.

Total 533. V GP. 185.

[underlined] Method. [/underlined] [underlined] Mixed Groundmarking. [/underlined]

Musical Mosquitoes will attempt to mark the A PT at Z-3 with [two letters missing] d. T.I. but owing to technical limitations this may not be possible.

Other Pathfinders will therefore drop large sticks illuminating flares in target area at Z-5 & A.P. will be marked visually by salvoes of mixed Red & Green T.I. & kept marked with Green T.I. If cloud obscures T.I. A.P. will be marked with flare Red/Yellow stars. Main force A/C should aim at Red TI’s or mixed Red & Green TI’s if visible, otherwise at centre of all green TI. [symbol] 1020 M. Red/Yellow stars.

Warn crews Mosquitos will be attacking Hannover & Essen with Red TI. & bombs. Hannover at Z + 6. Essen at Z. - 20.

Window 13 bundles.

N.B. Monica hat to be used until posn. 5340 x 0420 is reached on the outward journey.
32 Pt. Distrib setting to be 0.15 to obtain a crater spacing of 30 yds. Both loads.

Line Overlap. J [deleted] H. [/deleted] All Colour Films. All A/C fitted relays.


“Bombing method,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 22, 2024,

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