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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1944-08-14"

List of 44 operations between 20 July 1944 and 5 October 1944. Twenty-one operations have a tick alongside.

The letter advises Chris' wife that her husband is missing.

He writes thanking her for her letter and regretting that there is no further news of her husband and is unable to provide any information on the target of his operations. He hopes that good news will come soon.

Letter of condolence to Joan Wareing from the Padre of the RAF station at Little Staughton. Also mentions he has acted as effects officer and her husbands effects have been sent to the central depository.

William Cross Memoir of a supply drop to Polish fighters. They lost an engine and struggled to maintain height. The pilot had bailed out leaving the rest of the crew to fly the aircraft. They landed successfully in Russian territory and met up with…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during bombing of Genoa. The right side has several flashes of anti-aircraft fire. Street patterns, docks and buildings are visible. It is captioned '1879. TOR 13-14 Aug 44 //NT F/8" 8300 -->326 2230 Genoa K 9 x 500…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during the bombing of Marseilles. The top right corner is obscured by a flash. It is captioned '1888 TOR 14/15 AUG 1944 //NT.F8" 8,500' --> 310° 2234 MARSEILLES R. 6x500lbs Mark III 20 sec Sgt TAYLOR L37'.

A navigational log prepared by Ted Neale

Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book for H O Cannon (1802390) air gunner, covering the period from 29 December 1943 to 3 November 1944 and from 16 October 1952 to 8 October 1953. He was stationed at RAF Moffatt, RAF Qastina, RAF…

Robert McClement's Flying Log Book for Navigators, Air Bombers, Air Gunners, Flight Engineers’, from 2 January 1944 to 18 February 1945. Details training schedule and operations flown. He served at RAF Pembrey, RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Riccall and RAF…

Target photograph of Brest. Port area, breakwaters, quays, docks, industrial installations, river La Penfeld all clearly visible. Bomb explosions straddling a breakwater. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '2069 SKELL.14.8.44.//.8" 15500' [arrow] 010° 2028…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 14 August 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlines. Includes three standby crews as well as duty personnel. Notes that 'All crews are to be in camp by 2300 hours'. On the reverse a note and two…

Show two bomb loads for eight and six aircraft respectively. Details preselection settings and weights. On the reverse a diagram and a sketch as well as a list of aircraft and heights.

Target photograph of Brest. Port area, breakwaters, quays roads and buildings clearly visible. Bomb explosions in water. Captioned ' 3° F', '5B', '2075 SKELL.14.8.44.//.8" 15500' [arrow] 305° 2021. BREST 'B' RD.Q.11X100.4X500.C.33secs.P/O…

The log book covers the training and operational duties of Flight Engineer Sergeant Harry Thomas Ansell, from 14 April 1944 to 24 May 1945. He trained at RAF Torquay, RAF St Athan, RAF Stockport and was stationed at RAF Wigsley, RAF Syerston, RAF…

Navigator's, air bomber's and air gunner's flying log book for Sergeant Herbert Gray from 21 February 1944 to 10 November 1945. Detailing training and operations flown. Served at RAF Stradishall, RAF Hemswell and RAF Elsham Wolds. Aircraft flown were…
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