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Reports arrival of several of his letters and postcard and she is glad he now knows something of their new home. Describes her recent activities of cooking and notes impending visitors. Continues with domestic chat and mentions visit of Red Cross…

Number 161-18. No mail from her but two small tobacco parcels have arrived which he is sharing with others. Writes of bleak landscape and laments on lack of mail.

Carolyns father, Arthur, joined the Royal Air Force on his 18th birthday. Following his training as a flight engineer, was posted to RAF Winthorpe. He was allocated to a crew consisting entirely of Australians. In February 1944 the crew were posted…

Table with tare, petrol, bomb and all up weights with bomb load for three different configuraions.

Indicates two bomb loads for squadron. Includes preselection settings, Window, timings, route and method. Annotated 'Mailly Le Camp'. On the reverse bombing notes. including marking and that Mosquito will drop red spot on aiming point.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations 7 May 1944. Included timings and duty personnel. Heights written in pencil for each crew. On the reverse some handwritten calculations.

Shows three bomb loads for squadron aircraft. includes preselection settings, timings, route and method. Annotated 'Salbris'.

The memoir details the events after Sergeant George Reid Williamson baled out of his Lancaster over Chateau-Thierry. After hiding in a wood for a few days, he met a local farmer who took him back to the farmhouse for food and a large overcoat. While…
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