Miles, Reg


Miles, Reg
Reginald J Miles
R J Miles


102 items. The collection concerns Reg Miles (1923 - 2022) and contains his audio memoir, log book, photographs and documents. He flew 36 operations with 432 and 420 Squadrons.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by R Miles and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Miles, RJ

Collection Items

Reg Miles's memoir in three parts. Part one Reg describes his childhood in St Peter’s on the Isle of Thanet, his family, school, lack of money, and holiday jobs. Reg joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice, known as a ‘Brat’, in January…

13 Wellingtons
A group of 13 Wellingtons under maintenance. Information supplied with the collection identifies this as No 30 Operational Training Unit.

Reg Miles
A half length portrait of Reg with five medals.

Phyllis and Tony Miles
Reg's wife Phyllis and his son.

Legend - An Interior View of a Lincoln Bomber
An email to Reg Miles from John about a Lincoln at Cosford. It has a reputation for being haunted.

Three Young Men Meet in 1943 while on Leave
Three friends meet during the war then Reg relates what happened to them after the war. One dies in mysterious circumstances after a successful musical career. One, formerly a black marketeer work for the BBC. He takes Reg to a recording that he is…

Biography of Reg Miles
A detailed Biography of Reg' service and post service life.

Reg Miles Dad's Biography
A brief biography of Grandad Miles. He spent the war in Dover repairing and constructing buildings. Reg discusses flying over Dover in bomber attacks near Boulogne.

Miles Master Trailer under Tow
Two photographs of a Master on a trailer being towed over a bridge.

Miles Master under Maintenance
Two ground crew at work on the engine of a Master.

Miles Master
A port side view of Master 2861 with its engine running. Two airmen are standing by the cockpit.

Miles Master on a Trailer
Two photographs of a trailer with a dismantled Master.
Photo 1 has five airmen involved in the final loading of the aircraft.
Photo 2 has a sergeant in khaki is posing in the foreground. Five other crew are involved in other tasks.

Miles Master
A Miles Master with an airman sitting at the back of the rear cockpit.

Five Miles Masters
A line up of five Masters.

Crashed Aircraft
Two photographs of an upside down Master aircraft 2810.
Photo 1 is a side view with eight airmen.
Photo 2 is a front view with 12 airmen.

Nine Airmen at Lunch
A lunch break during the recovery of a damaged aircraft.

Master Aircraft Recovery
Three photographs of sheerlegs being used to crane a damaged Master aircraft onto a trailer.
In photo 1 at the front an officer is in khaki and shorts.
In photo 2 ten airmen are working on the recovery.
Photo 3 is an earlier stage during the…

Ground Crew and Aircraft Fuselage
Two photographs of ground crew on a truck with the fuselage of a damaged aircraft.
Photo 1 has five airmen.
Photo 2 has seven airmen.

Truck Loaded with Damaged Master Aircraft
Three photographs of an aircraft on a trailer.
Photo 1 is of five airmen around a truck with a damaged aircraft.
Photo 2 is the aircraft about to move watched by boys.
Photo 3 is a group of nine airmen at the rear of the trailer.

Man on a Bench with Three Boys and a Dog
A man seated on a bench with an arm round his dog. Three boys are standing on the bench behind him.

Jock Gardener
Jock dressed as a Zulu warrior with a loin cloth and an assegai.

Four Airmen in Fancy Dress
Four airmen in fancy dress sitting outside a brick building.

Latin Ken and Len
One man dressed as a woman with the second in uniform with his hands round her.

Ken and Spike
Two photographs of two airmen with bunches of grapes, beside a pond.

Jock Gardener
Jock Gardener in khaki and shorts standing on a fence with his arms crossed.
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