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Observers and air gunners flying log book for Wiliam George Briley, covering the period from 2 December 1943 to 24 November 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and communication flight duties. He was stationed at, East London, RAF…

Comandante Luciano Scotti reports to Major Gordon Lett that seven British paratroopers captured at Montebello have been transferred from La Spezia to Genova.


Describes growing up in the Netherlands before the war. Writes of the political situation in the Netherlands before the war. Mentions the invasion by the Germans and subsequently describes life under occupation. Includes photographs of Rotterdam…

A complicated story of how Hemmens was mixed with four aircrew who survived a Halifax crash. They were all arrested on their way to Paris. They were sent to Fresnes prison then Buchenwald where Hemmens died due to medical neglect.

A biography of Arthur Pritchard written by his daughter. It covers his training, operations and the night he was shot down. Despite speaking no French he was assisted to a hideout in Paris where he remained until Paris was liberated in August 1944.

The memoir details the events after Sergeant George Reid Williamson baled out of his Lancaster over Chateau-Thierry. After hiding in a wood for a few days, he met a local farmer who took him back to the farmhouse for food and a large overcoat. While…

A semi-clothed man, whose left arm has been amputated at the elbow, has a rifle slung over his right shoulder and is directing men and one woman who are walking in knee to waist high water. Most of the men are armed and some are carrying boxes. The…

First witness statement from a Resistance fighter
They had been warned by an English airman that the SS were going to carry out shootings and found refuge on 25th August. They were liberated on 29th August. The SS shot eight Resistance fighters and…

During a winter’s night, in the street outside a church, two Alpini, a priest and another figure in the shadows are present. One of the soldiers is running away whilst the other soldier is clutching four rifles in his arms. Lights are on inside the…

Stresses that the Allied Mission pays 100 Lire a day to each labourer working at the Casoni improvised landing strip.


Photo 1 is a Stirling dropping supplies containing arms, ammunition and medical supplies.
Photo 2 is the supplies on parachutes.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 211-1.jpg
Lieutenant W K Septon (0-730973), 17th Bombardment group, 81st Squadron, claims that Ezio Gaggini gave shelter to him in his house for two weeks, providing food and clothes. Then, he crossed the enemy lines.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 174-1.jpg
Virgilio Peli claims he helped thirteen English prisoners of war, from 25 September 1943 to 20 December 1943, giving them food, clothes, and cigarettes. On 20 December, they moved to Monte Morello (Florence), where a Partisan brigade was active. For…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 116-1.jpg
Viola Vannucci claims she helped for eight days in October 1943 two English officers: Geoffrey Tay and John Winchester. They lived in her house where she gave them food, clothes, and 500 lire.

ISRECP, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 004-1.jpg
Vermiglia Bellucci claims she helped some allied prisoners of war hide in the woods near the village of Fognano, Pistoia. She gave them food and clothes.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 042-1.jpg
Valerio Traversari claims he helped about twenty Allied servicemen and officers giving them food, clothes, and shelter, in the winter of 1943. Then they decided to re-join their units.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 056-1.jpg
Valentina Ciappei claims she helped John F Kerrigan, Erbert Nirton and other servicemen. On 5 September 1943, there was a round-up near Ombrone river and four prisoners she helped were recaptured. On 6 December , John F Kerrigan evaded capture and…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 199-1.jpg
Umberto and Livio Livi claim they helped four English prisoners of war in the village of Pantiera, near Pistoia, for twenty-five days, giving them food, and clothes. Sometimes they lived in their house, other times they stayed in a hut. Then, they…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 110-1.jpg
Ulderico Betti claims he helped, from 10 September 1943 to 20 December 1943, ten allied prisoners of war giving them food and clothes. On 20 December, they moved to Migliana area, near Cantagallo (Prato), where they were recaptured some days later by…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 090-1.jpg
Ugo Perugi claims he helped, from 10 September 1943 to 24 December 1943, eight English prisoners of war of war, giving them food, shelter and clothes. On 24 December 1943 they moved to Florence or to Rome to escape from fascist militiamen.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 070-1.jpg
Tosca Torracchi claims she helped, from 8 September 1943 to 1 August 1944, five Allied servicemen giving them food and clothes. Their service numbers are 2537162, 4691070, 2659998, 2657673, and 4276177.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 037-1.jpg
Torquato Bargellini claims he helped two allied prisoners of war: Cecil Armstrong and Alfred Walker. They were hosted in Torquato’s house for few months. Walker, who was sick, was treated by Doctor Rastelli.
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