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A certificate awarded to John on completion of an examination.

The letter advises that her husband is missing but explains he could be a prisoner of war.

An information leaflet with addresses, activities. clubs, assistance , tipping, places to visit, map of central London and a tube map.,

A comment from a broadsheet newspaper that was posted on a board at the camp. It includes a list of items supplied in a cardboard suitcase.

Reg writes that he has only had one letter and no recent news from home. The weather has not been good. He looks forward to going home.

Reg writes that he has no mail nor does he expect any. Weather is improving. He is reading a lot.

Reg writes he has had no recent mail. The weather is grim. The theatre has closed and the school reopens in a week.

Reg wishes his family a Happy New Year. He reflects on his existence. They had a show and a dance. He says the Red Cross are more than wonderful.

Reg has received his first parcel. He is very happy with the 500 cigarettes. In the afternoon he received a second parcel with books.

Reg has received another five letters. He is grateful for the photos that have been sent. He has seen another show.

Reg writes it is six weeks since he was shot down. Camp life is OK, Red Cross parcels help greatly, and there is plenty of entertainment. He is amused to see men dressed as women in the plays that are put on in the camp theatre.

Provides confirmation that her husband was missing as a result of air operations on 21 March 1945. Explains circumstances of loss of aircraft and states it was unlikely that any crew survived. Comments that her husband had completed 45 operations.…

The letter advises that Reg has been reported by the Red Cross as a prisoner of war.

The letter advises that he is trying to find out news about Reg.

The letter expresses sadness that Reg is missing.

The message states that Reg is a prisoner of war.

The letter expresses sadness that Reg has been reported missing. The writer, Gladys, hopes to come over to visit them.

Reg's account starting when he was shot down on an operation to Berlin. After Berlin he was transferred to Frankfurt for interrogation then by train to his camp. Camp life involved food, the preparation and acquisition of extra food by theft, trading…

A notebook to be used for recording wartime activities. It contains an account of Reg's bale out, capture and time in Dulag Luft, Stalag 4B and Offlag 7B.Reg records his operational experiences the day he baled out. His captors were friendly but the…

Reg has been moved to another camp, on foot and at night. Their camp was liberated by the Americans. He is frustrated that he cannot get home since they are restricted to camp.

Reg advises that his new home is Offlag VIIB. He sounds upbeat after receiving half a Christmas parcel.

This is his first letter from a prisoner of war camp. He is well and includes a list of items to be sent via the Red Cross.

A postcard from Reg to his parents advising them that he is well in Dulag Luft.
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