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Advising that her son has been reported missing, believed killed following the discovery of the seventh member of the crew. Confirming interment of the unidentified body in the cemetery at St. Trond and that a request for information of personal…

Part of a letter informing that her son died as a result of air operations. Advising that one of the three unidentified crew members had been found and buried.

The letter expresses delight that Les has arrived safely in the UK.

The letter accepts that Les is a prisoner of war and blames the mis-reading of a Red Cross report.

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Advising that it is believed that her son has died.

He is moving to a new camp at Sulmona. He has received five letters so far. He asks for a fountain pen.

He has had no mail from her. He is in good health and has just received a Red Cross parcel.

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Written by his nephew, a narrative of Reg's early life, his participation in student exchanges in Germany, joining the Royal Air force, training, life on the station and the crash in which he died, together with air gunners Sergeant Leslie Johnson…

He asks for a cigarette machine and a diary. His health is good. They are having a sports meeting plus board games, lectures and concerts.

He asks for a razor and letters via the Red Cross. He is well but its been raining a lot.

The letter advises that his son has died of wounds whilst a prisoner of war.

The writer promises to clear up a confusion caused by a telegram received from the International Red Cross.

The writer expresses shock that Les' name has appeared on a list of deceased from the International Red Cross.

The writer informs Les' mother that Sergeant Hyde died of his wounds in Tripoli. He has had no news of the pilot, Wing Commander Pepper.

The letter acknowledges that Les is a prisoner of war in Tripoli. It advises the procedure of sending mail and parcels to Les.

The diary starts with a letter stating that Les is missing and believed killed. In reality he had become a prisoner of war. It is subtitled 'Diary June 3rd 1941 to Nov 6th 1943 Life as a POW'

Form P2280E issued to family of prisoners of war. Rules and advice on how to communicate with prisoners of wars.

Les' record of his time as a prisoner of war. Lots of sport and camp plays and musicals. He escaped in September when Italy made peace with the Allies. He describes his journey to British lines then back home.

The letter is in reply to an enquiry made for any information about her brother. Unfortunately they didn't have news.

He has written to Mrs Pepper. He celebrated his 23rd birthday by eating a whole Red Cross parcel with Bill. He has been playing cricket.

He has had no letters but a parcel with 200 cigarettes and tobacco have arrived. Weather is very good. They have a gramophone and he intends to buy one when he returns.

He has had three letters, all from women. Weather is good and he has had Red Cross parcels. There has been a football competition.

No mail received this week, but a fairly good supply of Red Cross parcels. He asks her to write to Bill's mother to let her know he is OK. One sentence has been censored. He is good health and spirits.

No letters but he received a parcel with clothes. Soap was missing but they liked the chocolate. He received 200 cigarettes from Flo Sharpe. His friend Bill has not been getting many letters and asks his mum to contact Bill's mother. He has been to a…

He has received only one letter with a POW Relatives Association photograph. He has shared that with his fellow prisoners of war so that they can pass it on to their families.
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