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Wilberforce Emmanuel Walker, known as Danny, was born in Jamaica and he joined the Royal Air Force in June 1944.
After becoming a Junior Clerk at the Post Office in Jamaica, Danny arrived in England in 1944 was based in Filey in Yorkshire, where he…

D Jones was born in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica. He volunteered for the RAF and went on the SS Cuba to the United States, crossing the Atlantic to Liverpool in June 1944. He went to a former Butlins holiday camp in Filey - there, as ground…

He has received all her mail that went to Canada. His training has been getting him fit.

He asks about her knitting and fire watching. The weather is less cold and he has been out drinking beer. He has visited Scarborough to watch films.

He describes his journey back to Filey. His camp is very bleak, they are staying in concrete chalets. He gets a lot of marches, drill and marching. Food is not great but they have been on a pub crawl.

He thanks he for the socks and her letter. He describes training at his camp.

Emmanuel Alexis Elden grew up in Jamaica. He joined the Royal Air Force and trained at RAF Hunmanby Moor. He served as an air traffic controller and when he was not on duty he used to enjoy travelling to dances in London. He stayed in the RAF until…

Ralph Ottey was born in Jamaica in 1924. Raised by his grandparents, he describes his education and the family hopes that he would become a teacher. He left school at 16 and a half but was too young to attend teaching college so worked for his uncle…

Jack Warner grew up in Huddersfield. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force and trained at RAF Filey and RAF St Athan. He completed a tour of 37 operations as a flight engineer with 428 Squadron from Middleton St George. On one mine laying operation…

Three pages of Bertie's diary covering March 19 to April 5. He had just returned from Canada but after three weeks he was posted to Filey.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are…
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