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Five men wearing shirts and shorts standing in line in a garden with trees in the background. On the reverse 'F/Sgt Mick Stirrop P, F/Sgt Don Drake, F/Sgt "Mac" Stevens, Cpl Barney Collins, & of course myself! Taken in B.H.Q grounds'.

Three airmen wearing khaki uniform with half brevet, shorts and side cap sitting on a stand with an African man alongside.

Four airmen wearing khaki uniform and shorts, three with half brevet stand in line with three women In front two further airmen in same uniform sit either side of the fourth woman. In the background trees. On the reverse 'Marie Love, Joan Mech, Helen…

Seven airmen wearing battledress and side cap standing in two rows outside a barrack block. On the reverse 'Our crew Binbrook, back: Eddie Bell m/u gunner, Ray Chapman Engineer, Ken Sillcock w/o, Bob Marshall pilot. Front: Steve Williams bomb aimer,…

Twenty-nine airmen and one airwoman wearing a variety of uniform standing in line in snow in front of a hangar. On the reverse 'Navigators - 460 Squadron, Binbrook'.

Thirty six airmen wearing tunic and side cap sitting and standing in four rows in front of a single story hut.


A large number of airmen sitting and standing in three rows. All are wearing tunic ands side cap apart from one officer centre of front row wearing peaked cap. In the background a three story building with name 'Palace Hotel'. On the reverse of the…


Forty airmen sitting and standing in four rows, All are wearing tunic and side cap, In the background and building with veranda.

A head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic with navigator brevet. On the reverse of the first 'Subject'.

A head and shoulders portrait of a airman wearing tunic and side cap. On the reverse of first 'subject' and the second a crossed out note and 'RAF 1942 cadet training'.


For No 10 Air Navigators' course, 47 Air School, Queenstown South Africa. Menu and signatures of course members.

Wing Commander James Sindall with a dog.

Certificate for Tommy Knox, after the completion of eight weeks training in gymnastics, swimming, boxing, games, theory and sports organisation.

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Half length view of a man wearing checked shirt and a woman sitting side by side on a bench. Captioned 'Roy and "Claire" (Madeleine Lovinfiosse) taken on the run August 1941'.


Interview with Jack Newton.
This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Thanks him for letter and congratulates him on his escape. Encloses a letter of recommendation for Jack's commission. Mentions that he is very busy in the Middle East.

First in the diary of Mde De Greef (Tante Go)

Reports that helpers at his first rendezvous had retained Jack Newton's kit. On his return to Belgium he recovered his flying boots and other crew's equipment.

Article about Jack Newton, their Wellington's landing on fire in Antwerp and his subsequent escape with help from Belgian citizens.

Cutting with prayer from Psalm 107. Captioned 'Cutting from Penguin paperback which I was reading to Mlle A Becquett whilst being helped by her, Sept 1941'.

Sticker with union flag at the top, the letters RAF surrounding a large V cross of Lorraine inside it. Captioned 'This sticker was given to me by Rene Debaets (cycle manufacturer of Liege). He carried these and stuck them everywhere - even on the…


A man wearing RAF uniform tunic with half brevet is standing next to a woman wearing wedding dress and holding a bouquet. In the background a window.

Cathedral spire surrounded by multistorey buildings around the grand market square. Captioned 'Bale out - bale out!!. Not b----y likely, we're below the height of the cathedral!!!'.


Informs her that her Husband Sgt J Lamport Newton was missing as a result of air operations on 6 August 1941.

Account of downing of a Wellington aircraft and subsequent actions..
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