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Eleven air and ground crew standing and squatting down in two rows in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse '149 Sqn, ROBERT, Paddy, Fowles, Welsh'.

Ten airmen, air and ground crews standing and squatting in two rows in front of the tail turret of a Lancaster. On the reverse '1 & 2 - Helen send back to me in 1993 I think'.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster standing on dispersal with engines running. 'D' on nose and nose art shows Christian cross over swastika with text 'right is might'. Gee-H leader stripe can be seen on the tailplane Two other Lancasters in the…

Target photograph for an operation to Cologne. It shows clouds of smoke rising up from several locations on the ground. Residential areas and roads are visible, as are some bomb craters in the fields. It is annotated '3B' and captioned:

Eleven airmen, air and ground crew standing and kneeling in two rows in front of a Lancaster on dispersal. Another Lancaster is in the background..

Hand drawn map of a local area in Florida with towns (Gonzales) , railway lines, river, airfields and navigation route with heights. Notes on flights in N3N3 (US Navy training aircraft).


Shows the sequence of twenty-two instructional exercises for course starting with air experience and ending with aerobatics.

Write up on course performance of pupil pilot Dufort. Covers general progress, spinning and aeros, Difficult student to instruct, not keen on flying. Continues with other comments on performance.

Some comments on flying and then a list of operations. Most listed with GH and some with target oil, railway and one steelworks.

List all aircraft flown and hours. Includes United States navy training aircraft as well as Hastings post war.

Pilots flying log book for C R Cuthill, covering the period from 11 June 1942 to 30 April 1948. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Perth, US NAS Gross ile, US NAS Pensacola, RCAF Charlotte…

Photograph of black cloth dog mascot and note on reverse '"Vicky" maker of Charlie the dog "MASCOT", WAAF (MT driver) 149 Sqd Methwold for Charles Cuthill, Lancaster I NF927 "D" for Dog.149 Sqd, Vicky made dog mascot for Charles Cuthill, because…

First page annotated 'Unpublished writing by Charles Cuthill, publication rights please, Matt Nicol'. Continues with account of icing, flashes round the aircraft and static on the intercom. Difficult flying conditions and weather. Reference to…

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing battledress with pilot's brevet and Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon. Signature underneath. captioned 'Charles Cuthill c. post WW2 before war medals but with DFC awarded in 1945'.

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing battledress with pilot's brevet and medal ribbons (including Distinguished Flying Cross). Captioned 'Charles Cuthill, c 1950's'. On the reverse 'Photos of Charles Cuthill'.

Small cloth black dog mascot and text explanation. Belonged to donor's grandfather and had been in family for 74 years. Provides some other information in items donated.

Made out for Charles Robert Cuthill. Gives years of service in RAF and brief history of service. Includes specialist symbols - flying instructor and lists decorations.

Long poem/song addressed to fledgling aircrew under training.

Comments that he did not have operation as second dicky but went straight on ops. Writes about special duties on Stirling with GH. Mentioned doing Lancaster Finishing School and comments on comparison of Stirling and Lancaster. On the reverse some…

Outline map of England and north west Europe. Shows separate routes to Ludwigshafen on 5 January 1945 and Osterfeld on 11 December 1944. Both operations by day. Includes bomb load for both. On the reverse note 'Captain's of a/c map belonging to Ron…

Outline map of England and north west Europe. Shows route to Duisburg. Day operation. Includes bomb load and attack on heavy industry.

Outline map of England and north west Europe. Shows route to Flushing. Day operation. Notes include some navigation data (heading/distance/time table). Attack on Walcheren Island to breach sea and to destroy heavy guns defending the Scheldt Estuary.…

Outline map of England and north west Europe. Shows route to Duisburg. Night operation includes bomb load.

Outline map of England and north west Europe. Shows route to Oberhausen. Day operation. Comment on trip and some route navigation data and bomb load included.

Outline map of England and north west Europe. Shows route to Cologne. Day mission gives bomb load.
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