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A list of 129 Lancasters lost on 79 operations between September 1943 and April 1945. Target, date and aircraft tail numbers are listed in chronological order.

Issue No. 11 of Vol 4, February 1945 of the Training Memoranda, 'Tee Emm.
Image #1: Front cover.
Image #2: Table of contents and foreword by Sir Charles Portal, Chief of the Air Staff.
Image #3: Cartoon advocating the use of 'Pilots' All Notes'…


He wishes Jean a happy birthday and encloses make up that he bought in Ghent.

He has been flying and got diverted to Carlisle. He suggests taking wakey-wakey pills on their honeymoon. He has been at a variety show.

He has been busy with training. He is expecting leave soon.

He writes flippantly about her cooking and losing her job. He mentions black American troops in Suffolk.

He has been flying but cannot discuss what he was doing. Jean sent him a cake which he enjoyed. He has been to the dentist for a filling. He hopes to go on holiday with her soon.

He met his colleagues with the car and travelled back in comfort. His next leave is over five weeks away.

17 airmen in two groups. The image is annotated 'Squads I and II No 47 AB1 Course EAAS 4.ILT4C Feb 1945'. On the reverse many have signed their names plus Jack has annotated the results of his exams'.

Made out for Charles Robert Cuthill. Gives years of service in RAF and brief history of service. Includes specialist symbols - flying instructor and lists decorations.

Author (probably Roy J de Niese) gives some information on recruitment and training of Ceylonese volunteers for the RAF. Includes his recruitment and initial training in Ceylon, travel to Great Britain, enlistment, elementary flying training and…

An airman wearing battledress with brevet standing outside a building with open door and windows. Door has number 8 above it. On the reverse 'RAF Tilstock, Mar 1945, "Sparky Boy".

Payslip for February 1945.

Frank was born in Australia in 1923 and joined the RAAF in 1942. After initial training as a pilot in Australia and Canada on Tiger Moth and Anson aircraft he arrived in England. Over the next 12 months he progressed from Oxford to Wellington to…

22 airmen arranged in three rows. Each man is named on the reverse.

Letter defending his ideas about German nuclear weapon capability during the war. Writes of attacks on Norsk Hydro Plant, describes V-weapons and draws conclusions.

He writes about their daughter Carol and mess life at RAF Wickenby.

This is the last letter he sent home. It arrived after the news of his death.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Lists stages and dates of forced march from POW camp Stalag Luft VII. Route via Winterveldt, Karlsruhe, Schonfeld, Jenkwitz, Wanzen, Heidersdorf, Pfaffendorf, Stansdorf, Peterwitz, Prausnitz, Goldberg. Eventually by train to Stalag 3A at Luckenwalde.…

Contains tables of bird watching activity and descriptions of birds; list of books; a large number of photographs of civilians, fellow prisoners including one of Wing Commander Day (Senior British Officer) and a Wellington. Followed by list of names…

Starts with a letter to him after she finds out he is a prisoner telling how she felt when he was missing and how happy she was with the news that he was a prisoner. After a day by day diary of her feelings, activities, news of friends and…

Thanks her for her letter. Advises her to continue to address letters to Stalag 357 in case his move to Stalag Luft 3 did not take place.

Top - Telegram priority envelope.

Bottom - Letter which states that the personal effects of Flight Sergeant P R Jenkinson have been removed from the unit and are now at the central depository. Gives instructions for effects to be returned.

Account of 142 Squadron crew operation to Kassel wriiten by rear gunner Bob Henderson. Was attacked by night fighter and had to bale out. Continues with account of evading and capture. Reunited with wounded crewmates and transported to prisoner of…

Writes enquiring as to whether or not she needs a licence to remove her husband’s, who is a prisoner of war in Germany, car from Market Harborough to Scunthorpe or if there is a special permit she can use.
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