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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1945-01-20"

Humorous letter from David Donaldson to Flying Officer Matthew saying he's sorry to hear he is indisposed.

John Goldby was born in Kent but the family moved to London the year after. He was inspired to join the RAF when a schoolfriend joined and became a Spitfire pilot. John believes that it was a mid-air collision with a night fighter that led to his…

Vertical aerial photograph of Udine marshalling yards, centered on Porta Aquileia. The image is clear with the exception of an explosion in the lower right. Detail of the town and roads is visible. Captioned 'A4 2760 40/54 Jan 20 45 F8/NT 8000'…

Repairs being carried out on bombed railway tracks on a starry night. The tracks are bent around a large crater. Men are using picks, shovels and a wheel-barrow while watched over by military personnel. The scene is illuminated by torch-light. A man…


On a starry winter’s night, a yellow glow is visible on the horizon, accompanied by bursts of anti-aircraft fire and tracers. Naked mulberry trees are visible in the distance.

Label reads “212”; signed by the author; caption reads “20…
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