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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1943-02-23"

Describes training and crewing up at operational training unit on Wellingtons. Mentions staying in London on leave with RCAF colleague, using the Canadian forces club London and dining at the Ritz. Includes diary entry describing operational baptism.…

Contains drawings, names and addresses of other prisoners, dairy of events on being shot down, his crew and diagram of Lancaster, poems, stories of life in camp, Lists of prisoners in his hut, aircraft they flew and when and where shot down. Diagram…

Reports arrival of latest letters and comments on contents. Says moral is high and hopes they will be home by end of year. Writes of old work acquaintance who had arrived at camp and asks her to write to his mother. Asks about land settlement in…

Peter tells of some of his friends and the training experience

Flying log book for George Ellams covering the period from 10 January 1942 to 30 June 1967. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. Also contains photographs and various RAF documents relating to his service, ranks, proficiency and…

Number 57. Writes saying he has not been reading the mostly thriller books from Stockholm and will give them to the library. He goes on to give his opinion on the entertainment in the camp and mentions some of the various productions. He mentions…

Man dressed in naval uniform on telephone to an elderly woman sitting up in bed with books and bottles. Captioned 'Every Nice Girl', Title 'David Iliffe and unknown female'!, Billy's last known drawing'.
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