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Thinking of him and looking forward to another letter from him. Writes of communication from Red Cross with label for a personal parcel for him and discusses what they are allowed to send. Will wait to hear if he needs anything and is concerned of…

Wishes them happy new year and mentions the weather. Reports he is still well and hopes that they would received several of his letter by then.

Writes thanking him for his letter and news. Comments that they seem to agree that she should try and move nearer him if he could stay in current location. Comments that air raids haven't been heavy in her location but acknowledging that he was…

Thanks her for letter, parcel and gas mask. Latter useful as stores have run out of respirators. Her Christmas present really useful helping to keep kit organised in strict tidiness regime. List thing she is sending back to her. Pleased to receive…

Pilots flying log book for David W Donaldson. This is a newly bound compilation of 3 log books covering the period from 12 March 1938 to 19 September 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown, Instructor duties and special duties flying.…
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