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Left page: top, notice of the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross to Pilot Officer R.V.Keeling.
Middle and bottom, congratulations to Bob on his award.
Right page; top, title of the Vauxhall Mirror.
Middle, report of Bob's operational career…

1. A view looking east, over buildings and roof tops, towards Mount Vesuvius.
2. The War Memorial in Taranto.
3. An airman in uniform, with a pipe in his mouth, posing on a terrace against a metal railing. The view behind is Mount Vesuvius.
4. Two…


A magazine of aerial photographs of incindiary bombs dropping, a formation of Fw 190s, the bombing of Aachen, Turin, operations over Sicily, the port of Taranto, a gas factory and colliery, a railway junction, a coastal battery, combat film of the…

Flying Officer A. Bonney’s Royal Canadian Air Force Flying Log Book for Aircrew other than Pilot, from 13th October 1942 to August 1944. Recording his training as an air gunner in Canada and England, two completed tours with 142 Squadron RAF based…

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Anna Maria Guglielmi (b. 1940) recalls one of the first memories of her childhood when the siren sounded and she found herself in crowded shelter. Describes wartime anecdotes: drinking wine from a demijohn found in the attic, an encounter with two…
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