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The observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Flight Lieutenant John Francis Banks, born I July 1922, (1578295 Royal Air Force) from 28 March 1943 to 9 April 1946. Detailing his training and operations flown. Served at 41 Air School South…

The Dakotas will be used to transport grain to East Bengal. Handwritten on the cutting is 'The Statesman Oct 29th 1946'.

Air Forces in India pilots flying log book for J D McCredie, covering the period from 12 August 1942 to 24 December 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed at RAAF Temora, RAAF Point Cook, RAF South…

A list of 42 photographs with names and descriptions.


John Waye grew up in London. He was ten years old when he was hospitalised with diphtheria. When he was discharged he discovered his mother had died while he had been in hospital. John was working in the retail trade and was in the ATC before he…

Timothy Sindall is the son of James Herbert Sindall DSO, whose career as a pilot in the Royal Air Force started in the mid-1930s. Following the discovery of all of James logbooks, personal letters and newspaper cutting, Timothy has put together a…

Ted McRae volunteered for aircrew and trained as a gunner. He was usually in the mid-upper turret but would sometimes swap places with the rear gunner. On one trip repatriating ex-prisoners of war his aircraft crashed. He and the other gunner were…

A group standing in a ballroom. A man wearing dinner jacket and bow tie standing on the left with three women in formal dresses on the right. The women on the right is wearing a fur stole. In the background other people. On the reverse 'Dacca Club'..

On the left a man standing wearing a light suit and tie and on the right a woman wearing a dark dress. Between them and kissing the woman is a man in father Christmas outfit. In the background a large decorated Christmas tree. On the reverse 'Xmas at…

A man in white shirt and shorts and a woman in white dress standing in a garden with bushes either side. Between them a dog. On the reverse 'Don the airdale [sic] at Ashugonj'.


A man wearing suit and tie sitting between two women wearing dresses. The woman on the right has binoculars around neck. In the background a man in shirt and tie with door behind him. On the reverse 'Dacca Club'.

A man wearing suit and tie sitting on the left and a woman wearing dress with binoculars round neck seated on the right. On the reverse 'Dacca Club'

Harry Pollock grew up in London and worked as an apprentice floor layer and as a fireman on the London Midland Scottish Railway before he joined the RAF in 1943. After training, he completed 36 operations as an air gunner with 78 Squadron from RAF…

Letter from David Boldy to his parents letting them know he has arrived safely in Narsingdi.

Letter from David Boldy to his parents letting them know he has arrived safely in Narsingdi.
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