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Ken grew up in London and joined the Royal Air Force on his eighteenth birthday as a pilot. After exams and interview at RAF Uxbridge, he went to Number 9 Receiving Wing in Torquay and an Initial Training Wing in Stratford-upon-Avon. He then trained…

Written from Swift Current. Writes that snow has prevented flying and they have little to do as examinations are over but some people have failed them. Mentions that the C.G.I relented on the resit of the engines examination. Discusses future course…

Written from Swift Current and states he has passed examinations and gives scores. Writes that he is pleased to be going Medicine Hat on twins along with most of his room mates. States when he is moving and but before that they are redeploying…

Written from Medicine Hat and relates previous adventures while attempting a cross country flight in formation to Bowden, Alberta via Medicine Hat. Explains that he ran out of fuel and force landed near Medicine Hat and that many others suffered the…

Describes crossing the Atlantic to Canada and journey to Bowden, Alberta and then on to Estevan, Saskatchewan. Day by day account of activities, flying and life in Canada, Concludes with journey back across Canada

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Left - A woman wearing dark coat standing on steps to a building doorway with 'Girls' above door.
Right - an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap standing in the same doorway. Page captioned 'Innisfail'.

A woman wearing skit and jacket and an airman wearing tunic standing by the door of a two story house. Captioned 'Innisfail, Alta'.

A group of pine trees with fence surround. Captioned 'Innisfail Alta'.

Top - view down a street with buildings on the left and trees on the right.
Bottom - street view with buildings on the far side. Sign reads 'Jenkins' groceteria'

Cars and people in the foreground.
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