Gill, Kenneth


Gill, Kenneth
K Gill


One hundred and sixty-four items plus another one hundred and fifteen in two sub-ciollections. The collection concerns Flying Officer Kenneth Gill DFC (1922 - 1945, 1438901, 155097 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, documents, photographs and family and other correspondence.
He flew operations as a navigator with 9 Squadron before starting a second tour with 617 Squadron. He was killed 21 March 1945 having completed 45 operations.

The collection also contains two albums. 
Kenneth Gill. Album One
Kenneth Gill. Album Two

Additional information on Kenneth Gill is available via the IBCC Losses Database.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Derek Gill and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Gill, K

Collection Items

Operations against Tirpitz, Ijmuiden and Bielefeld: Vielesible Viaduct
Description of three (one aborted due to weather) operations against Tirpitz, photograph of crew on return from sinking Tirpitz, poor photocopy of target photograph of attach on Tirpitz. Account of operation on E & R boat pens at Ijmuiden along with…

Loss of aircraft report
List crew and weapon (Tallboy) and target location. Notes 'shot down by enemy ground defences approx. 1000 today (This a/c was hit by H/7 in the T/A and seen to go down in flames and exploded as it hit the ground near Syke)'.

Kenneth Gill - service history
Joined 18 June 1941. Trained as navigator in Canada. After operational and conversions training in England during which he flew two operations. He was posted to 9 Squadron at RAF Bardney where he flew 25 operations which are listed. After a tour as a…

Kenneth Gill crew
Six airmen wearing flying clothes or battledress standing in line behind a Lancaster. Captioned at top 'Crew from left to right, Sid Grimes wireless operator, Ken Gill navigator, Charlie Randon bomb aimer, Jack Penswick gunner, Eddy Barnett engineer,…

Target photograph showing shoreline, with smoke obscuring the island of Hakøya within Tromsø fjord. Battleship Tirpitz can be seen just right of centre through smoke. Three water-spouts from earlier explosions above and to the right. Anti-aircraft…

Letter from Princess Elizabeth
Noted that kind friends had sent gifts of food at the time of her wedding. Asks recipient to accept distributed gift parcel.

Letter of Sympathy
Letter of sympathy from the King to Mrs K Gill

Roll of honour in memoriam
In memoriam notice for Kenneth Gill mounted on a certificate from the Yorkshire Evening News,

Shows photograph of Vera Gill pinning Croix de Guerre on her son Derek. It was awarded to her late husband Flying Officer Kenneth Gill DFC.

Vera Gill pins Croix de Guerre on son
A woman wearing fur coat and glasses pins a medal onto jacket of a young boy.

Award of Croix de Guerre
Notes that Vera Gill had received the Croix de Guerre awarded to her husband Flying Officer Kenneth Gill DFC. He completed 15 daylight operations with the Lorraine Group.

Croix de Guerre citation
For Pilot Officer K Gill DFC, 342 squadron. Completed 15 day-light bombing operations with the Lorraine Group

Croix de Guerre citation
For Pilot Officer K Gill DFC, 342 Squadron. Completed 15 day-light bombing operations with the Lorraine Group

Croix de Guerre citation
For Pilot Officer K Gill DFC 342 Squadron. Completed 15 day-light bombing operations with the Lorraine Group.

Letter to Vera Gill from French Air Attaché
Is forwarding the insignia for the Croix de Guerre awarded to her husband.

Letter to Vera Gill from RAF central depository
Mentions that they have forwarded Flying Officer K Gill's flying log book.

Certificate of probate
Gives value of estate and probate granted to Vera Gill.

Newspaper cutting - investiture of husband's medal
Includes Vera Gill receiving Kenneth Gill's DFC as well as other personnel's awards of MC, AFC, DSM, and MM.

Tea on Tirpitz
Concerns up-turned hull of Tirpitz sunk in Tromso Fjord was a tourist attraction.

Their husbands' decorations
Article and photographs concerning three widows receiving medals earned by husbands. Includes Vera Gill, DFC of her husband Flying Officer Gill, Mrs Richard Bunker, DSO and bar of her husband Wing Commander Bunker and Section Officer Liddell WAAF VC…

Yorkshiremen in casualty list
Reports Flying Officer Kenneth Gill DFC was presumed killed after being posted missing on 21 March 1945 on his 45th operation. Gives some local history concerning Ken Gill, mentions Tirpitz operation. Also reports other RAF Yorkshiremen killed, Sgt…

Halton DFC is presumed dead
Reports that Mrs K Gill had now been informed that her husband previously reported missing was now presumed to have been killed. Gives some local history of Ken Gill. Includes b/w full face portrait.

Letter to Kenneth Gill's father from air ministry
Informs him that , in view of circumstance in which his son was reported missing and believed killed, in the absence of any evidence of survival, his death was now presumed to have occurred on 21 March 1945.

Part of letter from RAF central depository
Torn off top of letter, reference Flying Officer K Gill

Letter to Vera Gill from OC 617 Squadron
Provides confirmation that her husband was missing as a result of air operations on 21 March 1945. Explains circumstances of loss of aircraft and states it was unlikely that any crew survived. Comments that her husband had completed 45 operations.…
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