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Colonnello Mario Fontana requests Captain Leng to send via air drops material for guerrilla warfare: explosive pencils ('matite esplosive'), booby traps, explosives, demolition charges for railway sabotage, plus Saint Étienne machine gun cartridges.…


Account of bombing targets near Paderborn and Bielefeld, benzol plants at Scholven and Osterfeld. Osterfeld is underlined. Pinpoint attack on targets. Captioned '22-2-45'.


Extracts cover thirteen wartime bombing operations and four Operation Manna supply drops as well as three post war prisoner of war repatriation flights. Details include number of aircraft involved, weather, bomb load, marking seen, operational…

Reconnaissance photograph showing the Mitelland Canal at Gravenhorst running from top right to centre bottom. A large area in the centre is completely covered with craters and the canal has disappeared. To the right bottom a large wooded area and to…
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