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#1 is a programme for a 50/61 squadron dining in night.
#2 is a programme for a 5-/61 squadron annual reunion dinner.
#3 is a colour photograph of a soldier.
#4 and 5 are tickets for No. 50 squadron Disbandment Ceremony.

100 plus aircrew in five rows in front of a hangar. Titled '61 Squadron (Bomber) at RAF Station Waddington Feb 1946'.

Photograph of 61 Squadron aircrew in four rows in front of a Lancaster. Aircrew are all in uniform and there is a hangar behind the Lancaster. Document contains some of the names of people in the photograph. Sergeant Reg Freeth is number 42 which is…

Wooden plaque with 61 Squadron badge. Includes dates added 1922-1943.

Three documents -
#1 The unveiling of a memorial at RAF Skellingthorpe recorded in the Lincolnshire Echo.
#2 is an invitation to a 40s night at the Birchwood Leisure & Community Centre.
#3 is an invitation to Ernest's wife to attend the unveiling…

First, a sketch of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Duisburg, 6/7 Sept. 1942 F/Sgt Turner, Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass, Sgt Osterloh. 61 Squadron.' Signed 'A Pollen P/O 1942.' Second, the damaged port engine of a…

First, a sketch of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Wismar, 12/13.X.42 F/Sgt Turner, F/Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass, Sgt Osterloh. 61 Squadron.' Signed 'A Pollen P/O 1942.' Second, four men in uniform and side caps…

A cartoon woman holding a fencing sword painted on the nose of a Lancaster with the citation Gee !'. Alongside is a bomb tally of 48. On the reverse 'Aircraft 'G' 61 Squadron'.

First page lists 13 lancasters and one Halifax by registration number and gives the number of operations flown, the squadrons they belonged to and their fate (disposal).
Second page lists a further 22 Lancasters by registration number only.

Four photographs of airmen and ground crew with a bomb and positioned in front of their aircraft' 'QR-?'.
In photo 1 and 3 there are seven airmen and four ground crew.
In photo 2 and 4 there are seven airmen.

This item was sent to the IBCC…

An account by Mike Warburton (nephew of William Warburton) of how he made contact with the relatives of the other crew members of Lancaster DV400.

Target photograph of Bois - de - Cassan. Red dot centre left, bomb explosions and craters visible. River Oise just visible top left corner, mainly wooded rural area, roads and field patterns visible. Captioned '3[degreesF', '5B', '1610 SKELL 2.8.44…

Target photograph of Bois de Cassan. Red dot lower centre. River Oise, bomb craters, roads and field patterns all visible. Partially obscured by bomb explosions, smoke and dust. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '1877 SKELL.6.8.44.// 8" 14000 [arrow] 136°…

Target photograph of Bois-de- Cassan. Rural area, roads, woods, field patterns and houses clearly visible. Captioned '3°F', '4B', '1614 SKELL. 2.8.44 // 8" 16000' [arrow] 085° 1719 BOIS-DE-CASSAN RD.M.11X1000.4X500.C33secs.F/O. WHITE. M.61'. On the…

Target photograph of Bremen. Edge of the city visible but mainly open country, bomb craters, a rail line running across, a river or canal, streets and field boundaries all visible. Captioned '3', '4819 SKELL.22.3.45//8". 16400' 068° 1409 BREMEN.S…

Target photograph of Bremen. Almost completely obscured by light streaks, no detail visible. Captioned '3°F', '6B', '3109 SKELL.6/7.10.44//NT.8" 16500' [arrow] 216° 2034 BREMEN RD.D. 27 X 4. 27secs. F/O. GREEN. D.61.'. On the reverse 'F/O. GREEN.…

Target photograph of Bremen. Explosions in the middle of the frame obscure the road and railway bridges over the river Weser. The photograph covers a largely built-up area: gas works, Bremen Hauptbahnhof and Bremen Neustadt stations are visible, the…

Target photograph of Bremen. Edge of city towards rural area. Explosions at top right, bomb craters below on fields. River on left and gas works top left. Flaring on left and right of the photograph. Captioned ' 4804 SKELL. 22.3.45//7". 17000' 070°…

Target photograph of Bremen. No details clearly visible, a small number of light streaks and many pin points of light visible. Captioned '3° F', '6B', '3123 SKELL.6/7.10.44//NT.8" 16250' [arrow] 202° 2033. BREMEN RD.A.27X4.27secs.F/O BOON.A.61.'.…

A target photograph for an operation to Bremerhaven. On the right there is illuminated smoke or cloud and some light trails. The rest of the image is dark and there is no ground detail. It is captioned:
'2922 SKELL. 18/19.9.44// NT. 8" 15000…

Target photograph of Brest. Port area, breakwaters, quays, docks, industrial installations, river La Penfeld all clearly visible. Bomb explosions straddling a breakwater. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '2069 SKELL.14.8.44.//.8" 15500' [arrow] 010° 2028…

Black briefcase with diary, 61 squadron plaque and other objects inside.

A certificate allowing Richard Vipond to undertake Daily Servicing on Lincolns.

A certificate awarded to Richard Vipond permitting him to service certain parts of Lincolns.
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