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Two sketches of Mieczysław Stachiewicz drawn by Irene Stachiewicz. One is dated 28.1.45, the other 7.3.46

Photo 1 - a view of a military hut with a truck.

Photo 2 - a man dressed in shorts standing outside a tent.

Photo 3 - Denis lying on a bed smoking a pipe.

Item 4 - One cent Malayan banknote, showing head of King George VI.

Photo 5 - a…

Writes that they are having a quiet evening and enquires about her activities. Looking forward to the holiday and catches up with family news.

Derrick Allen on the right and a man on the left are arm in arm with a woman in the centre. Derrick is wearing greatcoat and side cap. The man and woman are in civilian clothes. In the background part of the Victoria Monument outside Buckingham…

On the left a poem by Pte K R Hobbs (5th Northants Regt) entitled 'Spare a Thought' concerning mothers waiting in vain, Below ticket No 100 for entry of witness to investiture at Buckingham Palace. On the right, 20, 10 and 5 franc Belgian banknotes.

Notes that the King will hold investiture at Buckingham Palace on 12 March 1945. Derrick Allen requested to be at palace no later than 10.15. Goes on to details dress and who may accompany.

Gazetted on 6 March 1945, informs Derrick Allen that he will be awarded his medal by the King at an investiture at Buckingham palace on 12 March 1946. Goes on to discuss other relevant details concerned with investiture.

Requests that Derrick Allen takes up employment as a carpenter.

Two telegrams requesting that Flight Sergeant Derrick Allen attend investiture with further instruction to follow. On the reverse of first 'P.D.C Cardington message received 1880966 Sgt Allen'. On the reverse of the second 'Offiver Commanding P.D.C…
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