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Instructions for a convoy of four sections of 30 vehicles and a fifth with the remaining vehicles. It details the route and where stops will be made.
There is a second copy.

Briefing notes for gunners for an attack on Hamburg marshalling yards.

A newspaper cutting with two job adverts - assistant painting surveyors and a painting clerk of works for the Council architect's department, Preston.

Colin expresses happiness at the end of the war. He was one of the first to liberate Copenhagen. He concludes by expressing his love for his wife.
There is a title sheet stating 'Original letter from Copenhagen VE Day'

A book used by Colin McDermott to record his notes from Gunnery school. Subjects covered include the Browning and Vickers guns, gun sights and their use, turrets, range standing orders and the Boulton Paul turret.

Colin's friend wishes him well and asks about his wife and children. He describes his new job and driving to Nottingham. Also mentioned are some RAF friends that he has come across recently.


A booklet published by the brewery at Kockleburg. It tells of the brewer Cambrinus who was in love with Flandrine. He was given a recipe for beer by the devil on condition he got Cambrinus soul in 30 years and he had to give up Flandrine.

A magazine with a collection of aerial photographs showing bombing damage in Germany, Industrial areas, railway stations, a port, a night fighter airfield, a factory, coastal defences at Cherbourg, catapult ships, Fiat G12 aircraft and a mystery…

A collection of aerial photographs of B-17s and B-24s on operations, shipyards, factories, scuttled French fleet, an attack on a convoy, Antwerp forts, airfields, Leghorn port, the camouflaged airfields at Aalborg and Kerlin Bastard and two images to…

A magazine of aerial photographs covering the bombing of Cologne, railway yards, factories, gun battery, Copenhagen, two prominent island landmarks, an attack on a U-boat, storage depot, the Schneider works at Le Creusot, Do 217 s at Munich and Dijon…

A magazine of aerial photographs of incindiary bombs dropping, a formation of Fw 190s, the bombing of Aachen, Turin, operations over Sicily, the port of Taranto, a gas factory and colliery, a railway junction, a coastal battery, combat film of the…

A magazine of aerial photographs covering aerial views of tanks, the Eder dam after the attack by 617 squadron, Kiel, Trondheim and Heroya harbours under attack, industrial areas in Hanover, railway centres, Italian airfields and aircraft, a dummy…

Aerial photography covering images of Liberators and B-17s in formation, factories, St Malo port, a seaplane base to the east of Amsterdam, a steel works, the devastated city of Hamburg, rail workshops at Cologne, a new mine clearance ship under…

A magazine of aerial photographs covering bombing of Kiel shipyards, the Potez aircraft factory, flooding after the Moehne dam was breached, repairs to the Sorpe dam, bombing of Heligoland and Dune, the port of La Pallice, the port of Naples, damage…

A magazine of aerial photography covering anti-invasion preparations at the Hague, anti-tank obstacles at Scheveningen, flooding from the Mohne Dam, U-boat bases and port damage, factories, railway stations, camouflaged storage tanks, marshalling…

A magazine of aerial photographs covering incendiaries dropping on Dusseldorf, port and industrial areas, captured enemy equipment, railway sidings at Antwerp, a seaplane base, a Fw 190 under attack, boat shelters at Dunkirk, camouflaged hangars at…

A pack containing essential first air for burns and wounds.


The letter commands Colin to attend a selection board at Padgate.

A text book for instructors on air gunnery.

An unstamped envelope addressed to Colin. Handwritten on it is '139203 RAF Commission Letter' and his address.
The letter refers to the relinquish of his commission and includes a copy of the Queen's Regulations concerning the wearing of uniform.


A clothing ration book issued to Colin.

A letter sent to Colin commanding him to attend a medical at Preston.

RAF Form 2520C issued to Colin. It contains limited details of Colin's service.


The cover of a book labelled 'RAF Service Compendium Terston'.

RAF Form 1427 issued to Colin. It includes his inoculation record.


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