Envelope and letter addressed to Colin McDermott



Envelope and letter addressed to Colin McDermott


An unstamped envelope addressed to Colin. Handwritten on it is '139203 RAF Commission Letter' and his address.
The letter refers to the relinquish of his commission and includes a copy of the Queen's Regulations concerning the wearing of uniform.



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One handwritten envelope and two typed sheets


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[inserted] [underlined] 139203 [/underlined]
[underlined] Commission Letter [/underlined] [/inserted]
C. McDermott Esq,
312 Sharoe Green Lane
[page break]
[Air Ministry crest]
Tel No.
HOLBORN 3434, Ext. 7576
Correspondence on the subject of this letter should be addressed to:-
and should quote the reference:-
Your Ref.
5th May, 1956.
I am commanded by the Air Council to inform you that, in accordance with the provisions of the Navy, Army and Air Force Reserves Act, 1954, you are no longer liable to recall to service with the Royal Air Force, being over 45 years of age. You will therefore be required to relinquish your commission in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Relinquishment takes effect from 25th April, 1956, and the requisite notification will appear in the London Gazette in due course.
2. The Council have granted you permission to retain the rank of Flight Lieutenant. This grant of rank does not confer the right to any emoluments, nor does it carry with it permission to wear uniform save on the special occasions mentioned in paragraph 214 of Queen’s Regulations and Air Council Instructions, a copy of which is enclosed.
3. The Air Council take this opportunity to convey to you their warm thanks for the services you have rendered to the Royal Air Force, which they greatly appreciate.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,
[National Scheme for Disabled Men crest]
Flight Lieutenant C. McDermott (139203)
[page break]
[underlined] ROYAL AIR FORCE
214. Wearing of Uniform by Officers and ex-Officers on ceasing to be employed [/underlined]
1. Except as provided in clauses 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10, the wearing of uniform by officers, other than those serving on full pay or holding commissions in Class CC or J of the Royal Air Force Reserve of Officers, is forbidden.
2. Officers on the retired and reserve lists and ex-officers who are permitted to retain their rank may wear uniform:-
(a) When attending:-
(i) Investitures; (ii) State Ceremonials; (iii) Parades in connection with the official celebration of the Queen’s Birthday; (iv) Ceremonials in connection with Remembrance Day or Battle of Britain Day; (v) War Memorial services and parades connected therewith, by invitation; (vi) their own weddings, except in connection with sub-clauses (iii), (iv) and (v), when conditions require them to appear in the ranks of the parade with serving or ex-service personnel below commissioned rank. This does not, however, preclude the wearing of uniform by those officiating at a saluting base or appearing officially with a party of civic officials.
(b) When inspecting or visiting:-
(i) R.Aux.A.F., R.A.F.V.R., or R.O.C. units in an official capacity; (ii) Units of the Combined Cadet Force or A.T.C. on behalf of the Air Ministry or on behalf of Territorial and Auxiliary Forces Associations, as the case may be.
(c) When on duty as officials, duly appointed by the Air Ministry or by the Executive Committee of the R.A.F. Small Arms Association, at the annual meeting of the R.N., the Army and the Royal Air Force, at the National Rifle Association Imperial Meeting, and at rifle meetings held under the auspices of the R.A.F. Small Arms Association.
(d) When holding the appointment of A.D.C. to her Majesty’s Governor-General, Governor, etc., on the occasions as ordered by such representatives of Her Majesty.
(e) When holding the appointment of Lord Lieutenant of a county, Deputy Lieutenant of a county, High Sherriff or Sheriff, on occasions when discharging the duties of the appointment.
(f) On occasions in connection with which a public announcement is made by the Air Ministry regarding the wearing of uniform.
3. Permission to wear uniform, by officers below the rank of group captain, on occasions other than those prescribed in clause 2 and within the broad principles indicated in that clause, is to be sought from the Air Ministry.
4. The uniform to be worn under the provisions of clauses 2 and 3 is to be that appropriate to the occasion and of a pattern approved for current wear in the R.A.F. The badges of rank are to be those of the rank retained.
5. Officers who have been invalided from the R.A.F. on account of wounds or other injuries attributable to war service may continue to wear their appropriate uniform as long as they remain as patients under treatment in the hospital in which they are being treated at the time of invaliding.
6. Permission to wear uniform will be automatically withdrawn when permission to retain rank is withdrawn or cancelled.
7. Notwithstanding anything in the foregoing clauses officers on the retired and reserve lists are to wear uniform when so directed by the Air Ministry.
8. The provisions of para. 203, clauses 2 and 3, are also applicable to officers on the retired and reserve lists and to ex-officers who are permitted to retain their rank.
9. These regulations do not restrict the wearing of uniform by retired, R.Aux.A.F. or Reserve officers when performing any actual air force duty nor do they prohibit the wearing of appropriate uniform by officers appointed for service with the A.T.C. while engaged on duties arising out of the A.T.C. obligations.
10. Uniform is not to be worn at any ceremony in a foreign country, except with the permission of Her Majesty’s representative in that country.
[underlined] 203. Wearing of Uniform – When Forbidden [/underlined]
2. Uniform is not to be worn by prospective or adopted parliamentary candidates at political meetings, while canvassing, while appearing in public or while engaged in any other activities connected with their candidature.
3. An officer or airman is forbidden to wear air force uniform of any pattern, or date, at functions where fancy dress is worn.




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