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Writes of his recent activities and business dealings.

Awarded to John Valentine by the associated board of the royal schools of music. Grade 3.

Thanks him for his letter. Provides some comment about her sister Ursula. Continues with request that he help with distributing her possessions to family members if anything should happen to her. Continues with gossip about his rank (Leading…

Gives details of death, parents, war grave and cemetery locations

Asks after family and whether John is on active service, had recieved a commission and was on bombers. Catches up with news of other acquaintances and asks after daughter Frances. Mentions their current situation and catches up on their activities,…

Letter on headed paper to Mrs Valentine about the delay of parcels she has sent to her husband in Stalag Luft 6. She is advised to refrain from sending further parcels at the current time because of the difficulties of the transport system on the…

Writes about map of prisoner of war camps that they sent. Gives advice on addressing letters to husband due to German censorship. Suggests address to Stalag 357 and omit Stalag Luft 3.

Recounts recent activities finishing OTU and posting to 207 Squadron flying Lancaster. Covers training, description of station and local towns. Mentions mutual acquaintance. Catches up with news of family and friends.

Writes she will be breaking up on 10 August when they hope to have games and picnic. Will be home at normal time.

Provides dates and family history from their engagement to after the war including John's time as prisoner of war and in hospital after his return. Lists letters and dates and provides locations of where they were written.

Written from India. Mentions it is her wedding anniversary and hope John and her daughter will have similar length happy marriage. Catches up with family news and asks after his current and future in flying. Writes of their future plans and staying…

Three lists of books sent by red cross to John Valentine in Stalag Luft 3

Map showing Germany, Poland, East Prussia, Czechoslovakia and Austria with parts of surrounding countries. Camps marked as red dots. Document with corrections to map

Air observers and navigators flying log book for John Valentine covering the period from 20 September 1941 to 30 May 1942. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Prestwick, RAF Jurby, RAF Upper Heyford and RAF…

Missing from operation on 30 May 1942. Would communicate if any further news

Music scores for 36 violin studies with censor mark and handwritten notes sent to John Valentine whilst prisoner of war.

Writes that Christmas parcel has been sent by Krakenberger but choice of items that can be send from Switzerland was recently restricted. Only books, sports articles and musical instruments allowed. Requests what John might like.

From Mr Wernekinck to S Busch relates a letter sent to Mr Wernikinck from John Valentine who is in a prisoner of war camp in Germany thanking him for his gift of a violin bow and tooth paste. Valentine mentions that he saw a Mr Söderberg for a…

Letter from foreign department of a Swedish company ASEA. Informing his that sender had received a message from his parents that they were well and that they wished him a happy birthday.

From foreign department of Swedish company. Writer is a business friend of his father's who has asked sender to enquire if John had any special wishes. Informed him that the secretary of a named Swedish organisations had met John at Stalag Luft 6 and…

Two contents lists for red cross parcels sent by Ursula Valentine. Two contents list sent for Christmas 1942 by Director Hansson and Mrs Skagerlind from Sweden. Two address cards.

Last letter from Grantham telling of daily activities, laundry, cinema, letters received, her recent birthday. Catches up with news of family and friends. Writes about pay, weather and that he will be glad to leave current location.

Writes he is impatient for her to arrive so he can spend an hour or two a day in her company. Encloses a travel voucher. Has filled out formal application but had to put in date although this was not yet fixed. Put down 25 January 1941 and explained…

First letter as a prisoner of war. Asks her to let him know how long she was in suspense with him missing before he was reported as prisoner. Writes of conditions in camp. Describes how pilot stayed with aircraft and allowed the rest of the crew to…

Number 32. Notes letters received. States he has no objects belonging to his pilot (Floyd) and that he also tried to get recognition of his gallantry without success. Catches up with news. Writes he is fully occupied but has not stated his…
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