Letter to Ursula Valentine from E J Evans



Letter to Ursula Valentine from E J Evans


Asks after family and whether John is on active service, had recieved a commission and was on bombers. Catches up with news of other acquaintances and asks after daughter Frances. Mentions their current situation and catches up on their activities, Comments on Churchill's recent speech and speculates on war.




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Four page handwritten letter


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Arfon House
27 May ‘42
Dear Mrs Valentine,
We were talking about you and John – and of course Frances Mary! – today, and wondering how you are all getting along. So I am dropping a line to inquire!
Is John on active service now? And has he got a commission yet? Last time he wrote he was expecting to go in a bomber in the Spring, so I guess he has been helping to deliver the goods to the gentle Hun by this time. If so, we sincerely hope his luck has been of the best. My wife heard from a cousin of hers the other day, and she
Says that one of her boys in the R.A.F. has been over in lots of those heavy raids on cologne and the Ruhr – and enjoys every minute of it! What a nerve! His brother was in a destroyer, evacuating our troops from Crete and was torpedoed, but picked up but is as perky as ever.
And how is Frances Mary getting on? Judging from the photos on the Christmas card, which we have just been admiring, she is going to be in the heavyweight class and we hope she still preserves her reputation for good temper and cheerfulness. Give her a kiss from us.
We are still in this roaring berg, and we were lucky enough to come thro’ the winter the much more lightl, apparently, than most places in England or Wales! Though usually the snowdrifts here are said to be
terrific. We only had one fall of about four or five inches, and nothing like the severe conditions we heard about in letters from London, Birmingham, Nottingham and other places.
I think I told you that my wife was unlucky enough to fall and break her right arm early in the year, but she is now quite O.K. again.
We sometimes see Betty when in Aber; and once we passed Mrs Jones but took no notice of her. Betty is leaving her - or has already left.
What did you think of Winston’s speech the other day/ He seemed to be much happier than when he spoke on the previous occasions we thought. Certainly a more inspiring talk than Fatty Goering’s! The latter struck me as sounding an ominous (for Germany) note, especially in
His references to Russia, and the pathetic picture of the dear Fuhrer striding, sleepless, up and down in his freezing dugout. Let us hope the Russians manage to hold during the coming months. If they do, Hitlers number is surely up, and we might see the end this year. Another jolly little winter in the Russia should provide even the enthusiastic Hun with all the glorious war joys that he wants! I was glad to hear of the attempt on Heydricks life in Prague. What a pity it failed!
Hoping you are keeping fit and managing to enjoy life as well as possible these days. (We may see the piping times of peace again before the year is out – with a bit of luck)
We remain,
Very sincerely yours. E.J. & Mary Evans.



E J Evans, “Letter to Ursula Valentine from E J Evans,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 27, 2021, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22282.

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