Letter to S Busch from H Wernekinck



Letter to S Busch from H Wernekinck


From Mr Wernekinck to S Busch relates a letter sent to Mr Wernikinck from John Valentine who is in a prisoner of war camp in Germany thanking him for his gift of a violin bow and tooth paste. Valentine mentions that he saw a Mr Söderberg for a second time and asked him to arrange to send him music. Mr Wernekinck goes on to mention that had sent Valentine other items and that he would try and arrange for music to arrive by Christmas. Concludes by understanding that John's parents would be glad to know he was well off. On Last page a cover note shows Wernekinks letter sent on to John valentine by Mr Busch.




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One page typewritten letter and one page typewritten cover note


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Start of transcription
With the Compliments of
Asea Electric, Ltd.
To: Mr. Valentine
From: Mr. Busch
Fulbourne Road,
London, E. 17.
[page break]
[underlined] COPY [/underlined]
Vasteras Sweden, 7th December, 1944.
Fu 918-England
Sune Busch, Esq.,
Managing Director,
c/o Asea Electric Ltd.,
Fulbourne Road,
London, E. 17.
Dear Sune,
I got the other day a card dated 12th September from Mr. Valentine, who is in a prison camp in Germany. He writes as follows:
“Your letters of 9th April and 2nd May arrived together. I was delighted to have them so that I could send you my most grateful thanks for the kind gifts of a violin bow and tooth paste. Both reached me some time ago. The bow is excellent and I use it a great deal. It means a lot to me here. I assure you, I appreciate it deeply as well as the tooth paste of which I was greatly in need. Very many thanks for your kindness. I saw Mr. Söderberg a second time (29th May) and asked him if any kind friends could send some violin music – not elementary not yet advanced – something between the two. It may be that the end of the war approaches but if not I should be again most grateful for any help you can give me in that way. With kind regards and renewed thanks.”
I have previously sent him some chocolate, a violin bow, tooth paste and so on, and I will now arrange for some suitable music and some other things to be sent to him so that they if possible could reach him for Christmas. I understand that his parents will be very glad to know that he seems to be well off.
Kindest regards,
Yours sincerely,
(Sgd.) H. Wernekinck



H Wernekinck, “Letter to S Busch from H Wernekinck ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 17, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/20614.

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