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Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book one, for F W Honey, wireless operator, covering the period from 14 October 1941 to 26 June 1945. Detailing his operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Malta, RAF Kabrit, RAF…

A note book used by Fred as a log book.
His pilots on operations were Pilot Officer Benitz DFC and Flight Lieutenant Brown.

Writes that he is enclosing three more photographs and describes them and the shows during which they were taken. Hopes for improvements in time taken for his mail to reach them. Describes new scheme where cables sent from Laghouat are charged for at…

Writes of her daily activities, neighbourhood news including going to a concert and a husband who is missing. Continues with domestic activity and news of an increase in RAF allowance. Mentions taking baby Frances to clinic for immunization but no…

Writes that he had received news of Rosser and letter was attempt relieve browned off feelings. Comments that his course would shortly be over and he could leave that awful place and hopes he could join Rosser at his Operational Training Unit Tells…
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