Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents



Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents


Writes that he is enclosing three more photographs and describes them and the shows during which they were taken. Hopes for improvements in time taken for his mail to reach them. Describes new scheme where cables sent from Laghouat are charged for at the recipient. He says he prefers current pre-paid reply system. Writes of their concern over how he looks in photographs but is trying to get more close ups of him taken. Mentions he is now doing regular PT and writes of weather. Mentions there has been a batch of new arrivals which has caused some changes in accommodation but they are desperately trying to hold onto their room.



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Royal Air Force. 755052. Sgt. J.D. Hudson
c/o. Consul General des Etats Unis.
Rue Michelet.
Alger. Algerie.
Afrique du Nord.
My Dear Mother & Dad,
I wrote to you three days ago enclosing with my letter photographs of the last show, and as I promised I am enclosing three more now, one of the “Cowboy & Lady” another showing our “Mad Scientist” and a third one of the “Chorus”. All the wheels and levers of the “Mad Scientists” Machine worked by means of a gramophone motor secreted in the “innards”. It was amazingly built and certainly a queer contraption. On Sat. the boys presented a pantomime called “Snow-white & the 7 Dwarfs” the last show of the season. Doubtless photographs will be available at a later date. Snow-white was played by the centre girl of the chorus, in the enclosed ‘photo. She is an excellent “Girl”. On Saturday your letter No. 16. written on Feb. 11th arrived, a little out of sequence. The only one missing of the first nineteen written is No. 11 and I am quite prepared to believe it will come along one of these days. So you see your mail is arriving quite satisfactorily. I do wish my letters reached you equally well, but I am hoping there will be an improvement now because we are once again enabled to use the Consular route. This is the third letter sent this way and we are told that the time of delivery may be six weeks. I am anxious to know if this will be the case. I believe there is a new scheme afoot whereby we can cable from here and the expenses are paid at the other end. I have put my name down on the list to take advantage of the scheme in case of emergency, but I much prefer to
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continue with the present pre-paid system. So far this has served its purpose ideally, and therefore, as I say, I shall only revert to the new idea in the event of something unusual arising. You seemed worried about my “thinner” because of the photos Pickles sister showed you. I was specially weighted with the boxing team the other day, & in shorts & shirt weighed 10 stones 1 lb. This should put your mind at rest. I’ll try & get a few close up ‘photos taken when we can get fresh negatives, in shorts alone. I have been doing P.T. regularly for over a month, taking advantage of the opportunities offered before the arrival of the hot weather. The last few days have been considerably cooler with plenty of cloud, and this has exterminated the few flies which the previous hot weather had started. There has been quite a batch of new arrivals and a certain amount of shifting about has resulted. We are still in the same rooms but a Naval Petty Officer has moved in with Tony in place of the R.A.F. Flt. Sgt. Believe me we are hanging on to this room like grime death. It means nearly everything to us here, and were it not for the privacy and quietness it affords the “Camp Echo” would not be possible. I am hoping to send close up photos of this magazine we are running as soon as the prints I have ordered return from the town Photographer. I hope you will be having warmer weather now. You do appear to have experienced a rough winter, and I realise how much you will be looking forward to the days in the garden again. My thoughts are always with you both and I imagine just how you are jogging along. I hope you will continue to keep fit, we shall have a lot to make up for, one day. Until then, all my love & thoughts & best wishes as always. Douglas.



James Douglas Hudson, “Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22645.

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