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A model of a racing yacht in full sail. It has a deep centreboard and a large rudder. It is mounted on a stand. The sail has the letters 14/K1.

This is a drawing of a man's head. He is looking to the left. He has a full head of wavy hair.

A display of model ships being judged by two airmen with clipboards. Two more men are looking on.

Three men examine several models on a rough table. Two ships and a carriage are prominent. Several drawings and paintings are on the wall behind.

Four drawings on a wall. The first is of a man and a model with the message 'Keep your mind occupied'. The second is not clear. The third is a landscape and the fourth is a racing car with the message 'Speed Sport'.

Detailed model of a three-masted sailing ship. It is in full sail with a royal navy ensign at the rear. It is mounted on a stand.

A small model of a Lysander aircraft in Royal Air Force colours and a larger model of a carriage.

The model motorcycle is mounted on a stand with a matchbox beside giving scale. Seven items including Polish eagles, a bracelet and rings are mounted on a card.

Three drawings A full-face portrait, an airman in profile looking to the left and a landscape of huts.

Two judges examining models on a table. Two men are looking to the right of the photograph. Two other men are looking at drawings and art work on the wall. There is a model of a schooner and a biplane on the table.

Royal Air Force biplane on a stand. Wheels are chocked.

The model is mounted on a stand, fore and aft. In front is an engine, gear box, drive shaft and propeller.

Detailed model of a sailing ship, It has three masts, gun ports, rigging and a flag at the rear but no sails. It is mounted on a stand.

A glider model with long thin wings and thin fuselage.

A detailed model of a sailing ship. It has three masts and is in full sail. Two lifeboats are visible in the centre of the main deck. Two men wearing civilian clothes are looking at the model. There is a description attached at the aft of the ship…

The model is a low wing monoplane with a large propeller. There is a matchbox beside to indicate the scale of the model.

A table with several models. Two airmen with clipboards are judging the models. A sergeant and three dressed in civilian clothes are looking on. Behind are model aeroplanes hanging on strings.

An airman wearing parachute and flying helmet stands talking to two other airmen wearing helmets and parachutes and two airmen wearing tunics and peaked caps. In the background a large tent and groups other airmen. On the reverse 'an instructor…

Top left: Seven RAF aircrew in full flight gear in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Just before last trip Bremen daylight, 1945'.
Top right: oblique aerial photograph of a city. In centre a high-spired church amongst part ruined houses. There is a…

A airmen laying on the ground writing. Two versions of the same image, the second submitted with information 'img395'.

An airman with jacket unbuttoned laying on grass reading a book. His peaked cap is sitting on top of a cylindrical container and there is a flag pole to the right. Two versions of the same image, the second submitted with information 'img402'.

An shirtless airman wearing dark glasses sitting on grass bank with book. Two versions of the same image, the second submitted with information 'img394'.

A airman wearing flying suit sitting on the port undercarriage wheel of a high-wing single engine aircraft (RWD-8). On the reverse handwriting in Polish and date '10/XII/1936' and 'PLZ - P26 Biplane trainer'. Three versions of the same image, the…

A airmen wearing tunic and peaked cap standing on side of a river with bank, trees and a house in the background. On the reverse a note in Polish and date '1937'. Three versions of the same image, the second submitted with note 'img374' and the third…

In the foreground, three airmen sitting on grass and another standing by a flag watching an aircraft (RWD-8) in the distance with another airman standing in middle distance. On the reverse 'Grandad watching his pupil take off'. Three versions of the…
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