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A list of Sam's personal effects forwarded to his wife.

Notification of Sam's death in a flying accident.

Sam's will leaving everything to his wife.

A card created after Sam's death with personal details and wife's and mother's addresses.

An address slip for Olive McCron

The letter from RCAF Toronto refers to an enquiry from Sam McCron's widow. She had written to RCAF Toronto to find out the circumstances of her husband's death and what had happened to mail she had sent to her husband.

The letter to the Estates Branch of National Defence complains that her husband's bank account is for Army not Air Force and she would like it sorted.

The letter to the Estates Branch at National Defence asks for her husband's personal effects. She asks for his clothing, in particular.

Top left - view down a valley of a distant inlet. Captioned 'Port Arthur, Lake Superior, Canada, 42'.
Top right - an airman wearing tunic standing in front of a railway track with train behind. Other figures in the distance right. Captioned 'Phil at…

The letter is from the Estates Branch of the Department of National Defence. It asks for information about Sam. Part of the form is attached.

She writes to the Estates Branch of National Defence asking about money in her husband's account and asks if he had insurance.

The letter informs Sam's wife that Sam has died in an accident.

Seven airmen arranged in a row. Their names are listed in a caption above. On the image is annotated 'LMG. 125. F/O Plyley. 427'

Don Falgate standing by entrance steps to a railway coach, in the snow, full length, in uniform, with half wing observer brevet. Captioned 'Commissioned as a Pilot Officer at RCAF Port Arthur, Ontario. Photo shows self on the way to RCAF Monckton…

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