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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "India--Mumbai"

Top left: Serviceman with flying insignia. On reverse, 'Tod'.
Top centre: Man smoking pip, writing at a desk in barracks. On reverse, 'writing home'.
Bottom left: Man standing outside building denoted 12. On reverse, 'Les'.
Bottom centre: Gateway…

The brick built historic railway station in Mumbai, now the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, with a statue of Indian politician and lawyer Sir Pherozeshah Mehta to one side.

Men standing alongside the Gateway, across an open space, with cars parked in front of the structure. On the reverse is noted 'Gateway of India, Mumbai built 1911'.

The wide promenade at Marine Drive Mumbai with people sitting on benches facing the sea. Multiple buildings across the road from the promenade with cars on the tree lined road.

Multiple ships moored and afloat in Mumbai port; low buildings along the shore. City with multiple storied buildings adjacent.

Mumbai water front with the Gateway monument and the Taj Mahal Hotel. The reverse is printed as a postcard.

Three-quarter length view of three officers wearing khaki uniform and peaked caps standing in line in front of a single story building. On the reverse 'Bombay, July 1946, P Card: A Horrocks'.

Three men wearing Khaki uniform and shorts standing in line in front of a single story building. On the reverse 'Bombay, July 1946, "Paddy" Smythe, Alan Horrocks'.

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is captioned Butch standing in the garden at 10 The Mall.
Photo 2 is captioned Ernie on the beach at Bombay.
Photo 3 is captioned No 10 The Mall (Our billet) taken from the NW. Typical Indian House, looks…

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Single funnel liner tied up alongside wharf on right with cranes and buildings.

Single funnel liner tied up alongside wharf with cranes. There are several figures near bow and railway track on the right.

Single funnel liner tied up alongside a wharf with cranes. Captioned 'Athlone Castle - Bombay'.

Street with trees and shops either side and people walking in road. Bus on right side. Captioned 'Hornby St Bombay'.

Wharf with crane in centre and building behind. Building has sign 'Welcome to India but mum's the word'. Captioned 'Wharf at Bombay'.

View across water many ships toed up alongside docks. Captioned 'Bombay Docks'.

View, across deck crowded with people, of a city in the distance across water. Captioned 'Approaching Bombay'.

A telegram form L Shipman to John. Letter received, thank you. All well at home. God bless you and keep you safe.

A birthday greetings telegram to John from his mother. Keep smiling. Her thoughts are with him.

Intermittent record of John's time at RAF West Kirby then Blackpool for training. He covers the sail from Liverpool to Durban, then India, first Bombay then train to Karachi. Once established at RAF Mauripur he records his daily work and…

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is six people round a funeral pyre, captioned 'Creamation' [sic]
Photo 2 is a monument captioned 'Gateway to India Bombay'.
Photo 3 is a man, plough and cow, captioned 'Farmer' and 'Ploughing'.
Photo 4 is a…

Form 1581 issued to John with details of his pay.
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