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He is waiting for a letter from home. He has been to Northallerton but got lost coming back. He signed of his letter in the dark.

For Flying Officer Wakefield's inoculation certificate for yellow fever.

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Hugh apologies for not having written and wishes Daphne happy birthday. He promises to repay a £1 that he borrowed from her.


Cartoon 1 is a patient undergoing an X-ray surrounded by spiders, captioned "Take a deep breath - hold it - thank you Ward 16 RAF Hospital Northallerton'.
Cartoon 2 is a man in a hospital bed. Its is annotated 'Miles & Miles of Smiles? Oooh! Oooh!…

Writes of Sergeant Ernie Stewart who is in hospital seriously ill. Injured when his aircraft crashed on return from operations over Berlin. Ernie was the only survivor and was not found for three hours. Suffered a fractured spine. Mentions visits…

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Writes that her son who is in RAF Red Cross Hospital in Northallerton is still seriously ill and unlikely to recover. Hopes that she will hear good news of Hedley soon.
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