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He tells Abdul (Ronnie) that he has been flying around. He asks after his wife, Dolly and the children.

Gives personal details, postings, locations.

Mentions that he has six log books to cover his flying career. Gives a brief outline of career starting in Poland and then in United Kingdom starting in 1940. After training he became an instructor until volunteering for operations and posting to 300…

Starts with commentary on family in Poland and names recorded on visits to Poland. Continues with account of early life, school and life in Poland before the war.
Flashback 1. Mentions first operation on 300 Squadron at RAF Faldingworth. Continues…

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A page from Stan's memoirs starting with the airship R101, Cobham's Flying Circus, Air Training Corps, glimpses of his service activities then ending with the 54 Maintenance Unit.

F G Bower's church with a tower, seen through a tree.


The memo refers to F G Bower's body which is being transported to Hucknall by train.

The letter refers to his son's personal effects.

The letter informs Mr Bower that his son has been killed in an aircraft accident.

The letter is attached to F G Bower's RAF badges and stripes.

The telegram asks if a service funeral is required for his son. A handwritten reply states that this is not required and he is to sent to Hucknall Central.

A letter referring to the estate of his son and how it will be dealt with.

ELoweGBower HA430404.jpg
The letter expresses regret and sympathy on the loss of his son in a flying accident.

The letter refers to a delay in receipt of F G Bower's financial details and certificate of death.

The letter asks F G Bower's mother to return her allowance book.


E[Author]Bower FG430408.jpg
The telegram advises F G Bower's father that his coffin will be arriving at Hucknall.

Three receipts relating to the funeral of F G Bower.
#1 The Undertaker's Bill, stamped paid.
#2 The Florist, marked paid.
#3 A vase for F G Bower's grave.

The letter refers to the death of her son and the revised financial payments.

A letter advising the family that their son's personal effects are being sent by registered post. It includes an inventory of the items.

The letter expresses regret at the loss of his son. It explains procedures to assist with finances.

The letter acknowledges receipt of a form and encloses his son's Post Office Savings Bank Book.

A letter addressed to Mr H A Bower detailing money owed to the family after his son's death.

An envelope addressed to Frank Bower's father, On His Majesty's Service,
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