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The letter advises Ronnie of his retirement and his liability for recall.

The letter advises that he will shortly be getting an official letter. It also recommends various associations that can help him find work or assistance.

The letter advises that Francis has been reinterred to Bad Tolz British Military Cemetery.

Reports that following Canniff’s death he was buried in Grave 34 in the English section of the Military Cemetery at Westduin. His was buried next to two comrades, Sergeant Johnson in Grave 33 and Sergeant Collingwood in Grave 35.

A list of airmen with their number, rank and religion.

A magazine for wireless operators.

Contains notes about work, cadets and Local Defence Volunteers, the weather and films seen.

Contains addresses and notes about his travels around Great Britain his leave and operations he was sent on.

Alan writes about the slowness of mail from the UK. He has completed his exams and has done well. He has qualified as a pilot and completed air bombers and air gunner courses. He enjoyed Christmas. He travelled to Chicago and was impressed with the…

Alan writes that the mess is very poor but overall the food is 'fairly good'. He appreciates his bicycle.

Pages 5 and 6 of a letter to Alan's girlfriend. He flew an aircraft for an air test. They did their first night flight and he found it very scary.

Alan apologises for not having written for a while. He has been trying, without success, to arrange bed and breakfast for his parents. They have had a visit from Canon Swan who has been lecturing on practical Christianity.

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Alan writes with his new address. He really likes his new station. He starts flying tomorrow.

Alan thanks his parents for their parcel. He is about to be posted to Cambridge Initial Training Wing with some of his friends. He has been to London and attended a lecture on North Africa followed by a debate on the war situation.

Alan writes that he is now in Cambridge. The discipline is less strict and meals are served by waiters. [Only two pages, the rest of the letter is missing]

Alan writes that he has received a parcel from his parents. He is being kept busy. There is plenty of sport and he has been to communion. He asks for a compass set, ruler, clean rags and pyjamas. The food in the mess is very good.

Alan thanks his parents for the parcel that they have sent. He complains that the torch that they sent has a flat battery and tells them they should have removed it before sending. He has been trying, unsuccessfully, to arrange a hotel or B&B for a…

Alan writes thanking his parents for their letter. He did a night's guard duty which he found very tiring.

Alan writes that he has been moved back to London. He prefers to be there although the food is not so good. He is waiting to be posted elsewhere.

Alan thanks his parents for their letter. He suggests they do not visit him because he is busy. Next weekend he will be free. he wishes them all the best for 1943.

Alan writes that he has booked the Royal Hotel for his parents. he asks for Carrs fever powders, bone buttons and string.

Alan writes that he will be free this weekend and will visit them. He asks for bone buttons and clean pyjamas.

Alan thanks his parents for the cake, shoes and pen. No pencils arrived and he asks for them. He asks his parents to thank family and friends for the gifts they sent. He thinks he will spend another six weeks at his present station whilst taking a…

Alan writes that this letter will be short because he is on duty at Jesus college that night. He has several fillings which saves him pain when flying at altitude. He has been out to see a film.
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