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Commiserates that he had not been able to return to studies and suggests he contacts ministry of national insurance to claim sickness benefit.

Mr Churchill's reply to Roosevelt. A photograph of Churchill with a quote underneath.

Detailed notes about what is expected from candidates for the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

Front has paragraph of text with rows of code groups underneath. On the reverse, notes on unidentified subjects.

Writes from RAF Stoney Cross. Starts with banter over letters and states that he suspects he was experiencing all the joys of being on an operational squadron. Catches up with news of colleagues and writes of his own activities. Suggests they might…

Writes about his new station, the local area and places to go. Writes that they had not done much yet due to weather but he had gone solo. Writes a little about his flying, ground school and staff. Continues with description of sports and athletics.…

Writes that there would shortly be vacancies in civil aviation for qualified pilots and asks if he would like his name put forward and asks for flying hours.

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Writes that it was not possible or legal for him to get petrol coupons. Comments on Lewis's latest love life and plans for his next leave. Continues with information on his activities.

Sends belated seasons greeting and congratulations on his marriage. Catches up with news of friends. Relates some of his activities since the end of the war and writes about his current employment. Concludes with catching up with news of his family.

Head and shoulders portrait of George Mitchell in uniform.

Includes Vera Gill receiving Kenneth Gill's DFC as well as other personnel's awards of MC, AFC, DSM, and MM.

Informs her of the value of he pension and child allowance as a widow of Flying Officer Kenneth Gill

Writing while suffering from attack of dysentery. Tries to remember a joke about a chemist. Catches up with family news and gossip.

Writes about operations to Essen, Hamburg, Milan and Nuremburg. Gives detailed account of operation to Milan. Catches up with news and gossip from home and comments on weather. Writes concerning a colleague who he thought was starting his second…

Target photograph of Bielefeld Viaduct. Railway runs left to right across centre with Johannisbach river running top to bottom and Gummibahn railway by-pass running from bottom centre and joining the main railway to left of viaduct. One or more bomb…

Left - title 'briefing[...] [....]'. Thirteen point list of actions.
Right - hand drawn sketch from front quarter below of a Lancaster.

Starts with details for 49 course graduation on August 25, 1942. Lists guest of honour, names of graduating class and a poem. Continues with details of 50 course graduation on September 9, 1942 with a song, a tribute, names of course 50 class…

Some information about 467 Squadron's history and about Lancaster R5863 'S Sugar' which is currently in the RAF museum at Hendon. Mentions operations on 6 June 1944. Includes colour photograph showing front quarter of a Lancaster inside a museum. In…

Top - a runway with FIDO aflame on edges. A Mosquito is landing on left side. Submitted with description 'Mosquito landing with the aid of FIDO. Date and location not recorded'.
Bottom - side by side target photographs of port area showing aiming…

A booklet issued to RAF volunteers on arrival at a Receiving Centre. It summarises what is about to happen to the volunteer.

35 airmen arranged in three rows in front of a hut. The front row of 12 airmen are Free French airmen. On the front is 'M.N.O.' and on the reverse signatures of some of the men and a stamp with 'RAF Evanton Crown Copyright Reserved' and 'G.1727.E'.…

A group photo of the 2069 Air Training Cadet squadron. Stan is back row, sixth from left.
On the reverse the men are named.
A second identical but slightly better quality image is included. On the reverse of this is 'Original photo 42-43'
A third…


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