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The war is lost and Hungarian people must rebel against the Germans and their allies. In order to save their country they have to sabotage transportation, damage industrial plants and factories, resort to strike, walkout and mass demonstration. The…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 032-1.jpg
Claims she helped some Allied servicemen giving them food and clothes. For her efforts, she received a certificate of thankfullness and pocket money.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 145-1.jpg
Maria claims she helped some allied prisoners of war. She gave them food, shelter, and clothes. Then, when they moved to the mountains, she brought them food. She also showed them the safest places to hide.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 214-1.jpg
Private address of Major Gordon Lett

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 215-1.jpg
List of six allied servicemen: George Vatten (5502089), George Stirna (5502033), Andrew Barnes (5502396), Arthur A Ridge (5503434), Arhur Stone (14208542), Walter Tolley (3974761).

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 218-1.jpg
List of ten British servicemen: Private James Eldred (6025277), Private John Faulkner (3327632), Corporal Leonard Bray (4392569), Trooper James McCulloch (3312553), Private Robert Ridgewell (6013099), Private James Ross (6022911), Private Brian…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 229-1.jpg
The sender is sorry to know that Michele has been found guilty of desertion, expresses gratitude, and states that ‘you and your dear family were the means of saving our lives’.

Photograph of natural stone memorial with French inscription, recording what happened to the crew of DV 285. Memorial was dedicated 25 June 1994. On the reverse 'Memorial to crew of DV 285 Lancaster, (Aywaille, Belgium)'.

In a mountain landscape, a modest rural building stands on a ground partially encircled by a fence. Some trees are visible, a second building is in the background. Captioned 'Sede del Comando di Divisione Vruga - Bosco di Rossano il 4-11-1944’.

Details the expenditure incurred on the construction of the Casoni improvised air field. Out of the 60,000 Lire budget provided by Major John Henderson, 53,780 Lire was spent.


The start of the planned works at the Casoni drop zone has to be postponed to 20 March 1945.


Gordon Lett is asking that the Picchiara air drop zone be reserved for the Allied Mission.


Congratulatory message to Major Gordon Lett accompanying the delivery of six containers of supplies, intended as a token of gratitude for the help given to Allied prisoners of wars. Mentions positive feedback from servicemen who have crossed the…

Code sheets consisting of standard phrases for guerrilla warfare, followed by codes for inhabited places, mountains and passes.


Brief account of H R Woodard's operations with 104 Squadron from the first on 13 September 1944 until the last on 4 February 1945. Includes reference to misspelling of his surname and names of his regular aircrew. Final operation with LP 549 was to…

Item 1 is a Danish Identity card issued to Roy Maddock-Lyon under the name Peter Jensen. It includes a head and shoulders photograph.
Item 2 is a sketch map of Scandanavia and Great Britain with four routes described as 'Blockade Runners'. Captioned…

Photograph 1 is a half length portrait of a man wearing shirt and tie, seated in a chair, captioned ' Dr Syrach Larsen - Lisa's Father'.
Photograph 2 is a street scene with a curved road, lamp posts and trees, captioned 'The road outside Dr Larsen's…

Pietro Cosma (b. 1927) remembers the bombings of Milan and recollects two wartime anecdotes: the execution of a man in front of his home and Benito Mussolini’s corpse on public display in Piazzale Loreto. Describes wartime hardships: losses; food…

Albino Ristorto (b. 1938) remembers the day he challenged the president of the local partisans association, who was reluctant to admit their involvement in the bombing of Dronero. He reports the widely held belief that the partisans asked the Allies…

Albino Ristorto (b. 1938) remembers the bombing of Dronero in 1944 when he saw a formation of aircraft approaching from the north, coming from Turin (Torino)
airport. He describes how one them made a swooping manoeuvre and mentions how the pilot…

George Reid Williamson dressed in a pinstriped jacket and dark trousers, leaning against a wood and wire fence, whilst reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette. A wooded area is in the background. On the reverse ‘In the Bois de Boulogne during…

A man and a woman, dressed in smart summer wear, pose in a park. He holds a pipe and she carries a dark coloured bag and a pair of white gloves. On the reverse 'Helpers. Don’t remember name. Might be Daniel' and 'Tollcross Août 1952'.


Head and shoulder portrait of a man dressed in a dark shirt and tie, smoking a cigarette. He has short dark hair. On the reverse ‘Another helper Jack Bergie’.


Edvige Colombo recalls her life in wartime Milan. Describes when the alarm sounded and she and her family went to the basement used as a shelter. Recollects moments inside, re-emphasizing how there was nothing to do there, just standing waiting until…

Giuseppe Pirovano remembers wartime memories as schoolboy at Affori, a Milan neighbourhood. Describes daily life in fascist youth organisations, with regimented schooling and political rallies. Mentions childrens plays and pastimes, such as…
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